North Bay Outing With Friends



I went with my Bay Area Recumbent Cyclist Meetup Friends For an outing on the east side of San Francisco Bay starting in Emeryville. It was a fascinating ride, mostly on bike paths near the bay, with some beautiful scenery but also passing through more industrial areas. The first part started on a jetty out into the bay in Emeryville, then was actually parallel to a busy freeway with thankfully and concrete barrier separating us from it. Then we worked our way through nicer scenery along the bay, and passed through the more industrial-looking part, which included passing “Rosie the Riveter National Historical Park”. This area made a major contribution during world war II, not only as a port but also manufacturing area, the most famous contribution being the construction of Liberty Ships. It remains a busy industrial and shipping area, but there are also wealthy homes and marinas along the bay.

We continued up to the little town of Point Richmond, not far from the Richmond-San Rafael bridge across the North Bay, for a lunch stop, then returned to the start, for 29 miles total. A very nice outing on a nice fall day. It was windy near the bay, though, we especially fought a headwind on the way out, but got a speedy tailwind on the return.

North Bay Outing With Friends 1
One of the marinas we passed. East Bay hills in the distance
North Bay Outing With Friends 2
Point Richmond Community Center. E-assist bikes for rent out front
North Bay Outing With Friends 3
Mt. Tamalpais to the left, Richmond-San Rafael bridge to the right
North Bay Outing With Friends 4
San Francisco Skyline