Paradise Valley Loop



I went for a romp on a nice day on my recumbent. I took the back way to Watsonville Road, then over to Sycamore which took me to Oak Glen and Paradise Valley. Then around Chesbro reservoir to Willow Springs Road, and back home, for about a 90-minute pleasant outing.

Paradise Valley Loop 1
The path through the flood-control area along Little Llagas creek, on the way to Watsonville Road
Paradise Valley Loop 2
Nearing the top of the hill on Sycamore road, before the descent into Paradise Valley
Paradise Valley Loop 3
Turning on to Oak Glen Ave
Paradise Valley Loop 4
Newly chip-sealed section of Oak Glen with Chesbro reservoir on the left. Re-paving will be done soon.
Paradise Valley Loop 5
Descending Willow Springs towards the main (Santa Clara) valley
Paradise Valley Loop 6
Heading down Santa Teresa Boulevard on the way back to Morgan Hill. The land to the right is newly acquired for habitat preservation