Practice Plan is there for you every step of the way



Practice Plan is there for you every step of the way 1

Josie Hutchings explains how the team at Practice Plan is there for you every step of the way when you decide to make the move from NHS to private dentistry.

It is a fact that many dentists are currently feeling disillusioned. As a result they are stressed with the restrictions that come working under the NHS. They have started to think about a future in private dentistry. However, for some, making the move is a step into the unknown. 

At Practice Plan our team of regional support managers (RSMs) have assisted hundreds of different practices in making that first step to a life in private dentistry. They have helped them to enjoy a more balanced and rewarding life away from the NHS. 

One of the first things we’ll do at Practice Plan in the event you contact us to discuss making the move to private practice is to take you through what the conversion process entails and present you with a wealth of information and advice that will ease any initial worries you might have about making the move. 

We will hold your hand and support you through the journey. And when you have pressed the button on the move and realised your dream of becoming a private practice, we’ll continue to be there supporting and helping you to grow and maintain a profitable practice.  

The first conversation

If you’re seriously considering life outside of the NHS and are seeking a move to private dentistry, the first thing we’d encourage you to do is pick up the phone. Contact an NHS to private conversion specialist, such as Practice Plan. 

Our team of RSMs have years of experience in supporting practices through this transition. They are happy to set up a meeting at a place and time that is convenient for you.

During that meeting, we will seek to gain an understanding of your individual situation. Before explaining what your options are and what the journey from NHS to private involves.

What myself and our other RSMs also do, is present you with case studies. We will show you other practices that thought long and hard about making the change, made it and are now flourishing as a private practice. 

Following this meeting, you will have all the information you’ll need to make your own informed decision about whether you want to move away from the NHS. And whether you want to go through a partial or full conversion.

Handing back your NHS contract and getting the ball rolling

One of the first things that we help you with is handing back your NHS contract. Whether you’re handing back all of it, or just part of it, for some, dealing with the Local Area Team (LAT) is worrying. However, our RSMs have years of experience in dealing with this part of the conversion. 

We can help you with all the correspondence, and advise you on what to say and how to deal with the LAT. The majority of the time the process will go smoothly. Although sometimes certain tricky scenarios arise when handing back a contract.

However, as RSMs we have been through this process hundreds of times. We have dealt with a variety of different situations with a number of different LATs. So we have a wealth of experience in dealing with contracts.

Talking to patients and staff

We spend a lot of time with all practice staff, talking them through the process and making sure they are all on the same page. It is not just the principal or the associates making the move, it is the whole practice. 

As part of our support, we’ll come into the practice and spend time with your team explaining why you’re making the move. As well as covering what the benefits are for the staff and the patients.

We’ll also take the team through the process step-by-step. Our experience has shown that if we make the time to go through everything with your staff, it helps to alleviate any concerns they may have about the conversion. And it also puts you in the best position to convert as many of your NHS patients to a membership plan as possible. 

And what we also do is provide the members of your team with extensive training to allow them to do the same when it comes to informing the patients.

We will teach them and give them tips and techniques, so they feel comfortable having that conversation with your patients. 

Ongoing support 

Although there is an end date in terms of when the conversion is complete, there is never an end date with regards to the support you can receive from your RSM and wider Practice Plan family.

Well beyond the point you become a private practice, your RSM and wider supporting teams are there for you. 

Practice Plan has extensive support available that focuses on helping you to grow your practice. It challenges you to look at things differently.

In fact, many practices find our comprehensive programme of events, workshops and webinars invaluable. With many of these aimed at helping you to grow your membership plan and expand your practice.

Whatever the level of support you need, your RSM is on hand. In many cases, practices describe their RSM as an extended member of their team, rather than someone who works for Practice Plan.

Although we might not be needed to hold your hand beyond the end of the conversion, we’re always there to help and support you in whatever way we can.