Practice Plan NHS to Private One-to-One clinics



Practice Plan NHS to Private One-to-One clinics 1

Zoe Close introduces Practice Plan’s NHS to Private Dentistry One-to-One clinics, what’s involved as well as how you can register.

Like many dentists you may be completely rushed off your feet over the last few months. So much so that you’ve been unable to find the time to explore those thoughts you’ve been having about leaving your life in the NHS behind for a future in private dentistry. 

If that sounds like your current situation, then Practice Plan’s new NHS One-to-One virtual clinics are the perfect thing for you. 

Throughout August, September and October, Practice Plan’s head of sales, Zoe Close, and sales support manager, Michelle Hardy, are holding a series of free, confidential, 45-minute virtual clinics. The sessions will give you the opportunity to talk about why you want to make the move to private. And for you to explain where you see your future. 

During the clinics, Zoe and Michelle, who between them have decades of experience working in the dental industry, will listen to your individual situation. They will provide you with advice based on your personal circumstances. And give you an understanding of what a move to private dentistry could look like for you. 

You might be a dentist who, like many others, have become disillusioned with working under the NHS and the restrictions that come with it. Booking onto a free virtual clinic really could be your first step to turning your dream of owning a private practice into a reality. 

To secure your free NHS to Private Dentistry clinic appointment with Zoe or Michelle, click here and simply select one of the available sessions listed. 

Or alternatively, if none of the slots listed are suitable for you, then you can email to organise a time that best suits you.