Pre and Post Workout Hair Care Tips



Pre and Post Workout Hair Care Tips

Hello Ladies,

Today my post is about Pre and Post Workout Hair Care Tips

Pre and Post Workout Hair Care Tips

To start with

I practice 1 hour of cardio – workout (aerobics/ zumba/ bollyhop) everyday. I sweat a lot as these sessions are always rigorous. Mine is a long and wavy hair and I have wondered as how to take care of it from dirt, oily scalp, dandruff and dryness / frizzyness.

Initially (when I just started my classes) I used to shampoo and condition it twice a week. But it did not help me .Rather i started developing dandruff and dryness. So thought of trying out different shampoo and conditioner available in market.

Let me today tell you.. what I did to overcome all these.

Basic hair care tips

  1. Tie up your hair properly. So that it should not interrupt/ disturb you from your routine
  2. Make a high pony or a bun. (I make a bun, as I have long hair)
  3. You should not make a super tight pony/ bun. As sweat  makes your hair wet and feeble , by pulling it hard you may easily break / tear your hair.
  4. Once after workout session, open your hair and let it dry naturally. DONOT blow dry. DONOT..big NOOO..
  5. Open your hair  and use a hair band to pull your hair gently and let your hair  loose at the ends (I personally like this hair accessory) and so it  dries off easily.

weightloss haircare

How to wash your hair

  1. Sweat will accumulate dust and dirt in your scalp. So wash your hair every alternate day or even daily. (may it be long/ medium/ short hair)
  2. Sweat will also make your hair frizzy so I strongly recommend you to use a good shampoo and a conditioner. I will also share with you what worked with my long, wavy hair. I tried Sunsilk straight lock shampoo and conditioner. It did work miracle for my hair. It made my hair manageable and the aroma is just awesome.

This shampoo and conditioner wasn’t just enough for my (super frizzy) hair. So I decided to condition my hair with henna. So I apply henna powder with curd on my hair once in a week (I do it on sundays). I will tell you, henna made my hair soft and silky (in spite of everyday sweat, dirt & dandruff). I use and personally like ozone henna powder. Trust me, it did miracle to my dry hair.

 Pre and Post Workout Hair Care

Apple cider vinegar is also a good conditioner. Add 2 tablespoon of vinegar in luke warm bucket of water. Another simple hair conditioning is hot oil treatment. Heat olive oil and coconut oil and gently apply on your hair strands.

Trim  your hair regularly.(Just not chop off 2 or 3 inches)

Lastly, do not use hot water on your hair. It will just make your hair even more dry.

 What to eat for good hair

  1. Iron, protein and Omega 3 fatty acids are the key elements for a lustrous hair. (ya, I did a little research..)
  2. Eat healthy. Remember to include Egg, Salmon fish, Amla, green veggies in your food routine
  3. Drink lot of water, to keep you hydrated.
  4. Keep munching few cashew nut and walnuts. (I carry a snacker box with dry grapes and few nuts to my office).

So ladies hope you got few insight on hair care. Please share about the things you have tried on your hair.

Until I get back to you next time, Ta Ta..Take care..

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