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Sharing my thoughts and review of Precision Nutrition’s ProCoach nutrition coaching software and upcoming nutrition coaching plans. Heads up: I was given complimentary access to ProCoach for 90 days, but all thoughts are my own. 

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I’ve been meaning to post an update with Precision Nutrition now that my certification is complete, in addition to sharing a review of their coaching platform: ProCoach. I absolutely loved the Precision Nutrition program – check out my Precision Nutrition Level One review here! – and was so excited when they offered the opportunity to try ProCoach for 90 days. (The standard trial period is 30 days.) It’s given me the ability to dive into nutrition coaching and check out everything the platform has available before committing to a longer plan.

Precision Nutrition ProCoach Review 1

Precision Nutrition ProCoach Review

What is ProCoach?

ProCoach is Precision Nutrition’s online nutrition coaching software. It enables you to keep track of your clients and their habits/goals, run check-ins, and monitor progress on their coaching journey. You can also add workouts and training plans to their nutrition coaching. ProCoach’s comprehensive Practice Library includes 14 Skills, 40+ Practices, and done-for-you resources. You can use it to help clients thrive in a variety of lifestyle elements: nutrition, movement, sleep, stress, and specific change adaptation skills (such as mindset, outlook, planning ahead, etc.). You don’t have to be Precision Nutrition certified to use ProCoach for your wellness business.

How much does it cost?

ProCoach is $99 per month and you can try it out for free for 30 days to see how you like it. If you sign up for a free trial at the time this post goes live, you’ll also get a free Coaching Business Kickstarter digital course ($347) that you can complete at your own pace. This includes modules on how to market, structure, and price your coaching packages.

Benefits of ProCoach for nutrition coaching:

App and website functionality for clients. I like that clients can use the dashboard or app to check in, send messages, and track their progress.

Homepage for prospective clients. You can check out my homepage for clients here. This was all personalized through the app and super easy to put together. If you’re not techie, like yours truly, they make it very user-friendly.

Precision Nutrition ProCoach Review 2

Client dashboard and check-in tracking. This makes it easy to see how clients are doing, check out notes from previous sessions, see what habits they’re currently working on, and view their progress (through any metric you’d prefer to use, whether it’s weight, photos, or how they’re feeling). You can also see their daily check-ins, which look like this:

Precision Nutrition ProCoach Review 3

Ability to quickly and easily add new goals, habits, and notes into each client’s profile. If I know it’s a client’s goal to get more nutrients, it’s very easy for me to dial down to daily habits they can implement and add these to the platform (for example, a goal to have an extra serving of veggies with lunch each day).  We talk about all of these goals and changes during check-ins, set them into the system, and they can quickly notate how each day goes. All of the foundational habits are in the app, so I can pick and choose what is applicable to this client and together, we devise realistic action steps on how to get there.

It’s SO thorough. When I first started playing around with ProCoach, I was so excited to see everything it offers, including the resources and teaching materials to share with clients and the messaging platform. I can easily connect with clients to cheer them on, send articles or lessons that are relevant to clients’ goals, and I think the feel and use of the platform is professional and easy to use.


Fitness portion. You have the option to add in fitness programming for your clients and they have an excellent variety. You can also narrow the programs down for injuries (such as an acute upper body limb injury or a chronic lower body injury). While these plans are very well-made and designed to suit a variety of fitness goals (muscle building, fat loss, etc), I can’t help but wish I could personalize them a bit more. I like making my own fitness plans. 🙂

It’s another platform to use. This is the #1 thing that has me on the fence about keeping this program for the long-term. I have to log into so many different sites each day (and am in the process of adding a membership site to Fit Team), so I can’t help but wish everything could be consolidated into less spaces on the internet. At the same time, I think this does an incredible job of tracking progress for clients and previous check-ins, so I’m leaning more towards keeping my membership.

So what’s next in the nutrition world?

For now, my plan is to continue to offer limited Movement and Macros consults, in addition to Fit Team fitness programming. I love our amazing Fit Team members and enjoy surprising them with extra resources and goodies, so I know my nutrition cert will be helpful for Fit Team.

I’m working with a very small group of 1:1 nutrition clients who have been my testers for the ProCoach software, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. If you’re interested in 1:1 nutrition coaching, I’ll be taking 3 new clients in October. Please send me an email if you’re interested in more details.

In the new year, I’m brainstorming some group challenges centered around healthy habits and nutrition foundations. If you have anything you’d like to see, especially topics here on the blog, please let me know!

So, tell me friends: if you could get certified in anything right now, what would you choose?



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