Presenting the 9th Annual WEGO Health Awards Winners



Presenting the 9th Annual WEGO Health Awards Winners 1

Each day, there are thousands of patients and caregivers sharing their health stories, raising awareness, and inspiring others to keep fighting for their health. Unfortunately, too often their incredible impact goes unnoticed, which is precisely why we created the WEGO Health Awards. It’s our mission to empower the patient voice, and that includes shining a light on the great work these patient leaders are doing.

Even in our 9th year of the program, we continue to be in absolute awe of the effort, hope and change these patient leaders are creating. With over 13k nominations this year, we’re honored to celebrate more patient leaders than ever before. Across all platforms, channels and health conditions – this year’s nominees were truly in a league of their own.

Our judges had the near-impossible task of narrowing down all of these the nominees! For our first few rounds of judging, members of the online health community volunteer their time to sort through the +13k nominations to just 96 finalists. From there, our industry judges score each finalists to ultimately uncover the 16 WEGO Health Awards winners.

The Celebration Continues…

We may be closing out our virtual ceremony, but the fun is just beginning!

Each winner is entitled to $500 towards their advocacy mission, a seat on our compensated Patient Leader Advisory Board and the chance for industry exposure events over the next year.

Over the next year, we’ll be showcasing the work of all our finalists and collaborating closely with the winners. Stay tuned for more tips, tricks, and strategies from these top patient leaders. In the meantime, help us celebrate this year’s winners – follow them on social below and give them a shout for their achievements!

Celebrating the 9th Annual WEGO Health Awards winners:

Advocating for Another
Diabetes & Sickle Cell Disease Patient Leader, Elle Cole

Best in Show : Blog
Women’s Mental Health Patient Leader, Dr. Christina Hibbert

Best in Show : Community
Maternal Mental Health Patient Leader, Jen Schwartz

Best in Show : Facebook
Hypothyroidism Patient Leader, Rachel Hill

Best in Show : Instagram
Chronic Illness and Autism Patient Leader, Brandy Haberer

Best in Show : Podcast
Diabetes Patient Leader, Daniel Newman

Best in Show : Twitter
HIV Patient Leader, Mathew Hodson

Best in Show: Youtube
MS Patient Leader, Damian Washington

Best in Show: TikTok
Autism Patient Leader, Chloé Hayden

Rookie of the Year
Cancer & Men’s Health Patient Leader, Trevor Maxwell

Best Kept Secret
Breast Cancer Patient Leaders, For the Breast of Us

Best Team Performance
Autoimmune & Autoinflammatory Disease Patient Leaders, AiArthritis

Healthcare Collaborator
MS Patient Leader, Trishna Bharadia

Hilarious Patient Leader
ADHD Patient Leader, Dani Donovan

Patient Leader Hero
Mental Health Patient Leader, Kevin Hines

Lifetime Achievement
MS Patient Leader, Cathy Chester

Congratulations to all WEGO Health Awards nominees!
Thank you for sharing your story.

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