Reasons For Sudden Weight Gain



Reasons For Sudden Weight Gain

  • Have you gained weight suddenly?

  • Are you gaining weight without any unexplained reasons?

  • Are you wondering what is making you gain weight despite no health problems or changes in lifestyle?

Then we need t talk right now…

Reasons For Sudden Weight Gain

There are always a few health Reasons For Sudden Weight Gain. Some of the ladies I have conversed with, mention that they don’t eat oily food or sweets and still they weigh 85 or 90 kgs weight. When they seek help, I ask them if they have any medical problems or obesity in family , most of the time, their answer is “No”. I wondered ” How is this possible ” ?

I have always struggled managing my weight but never suffered rapid weight gain until last year. The only reason I figured out was Anemia. So I visited a doctor to find out what can be the Reasons For Sudden Weight Gain. I was given a list of tests to undergo. The medical issues being examined had direct relationship with sudden weight gain. I am sharing the reasons for sudden weight gain and the tests I underwent –

Reasons For Sudden Weight Gain

Some of the known reasons are PCOS, stress, depression, lack of sleep, bad eating habits etc. Apart from these, some of the health problems that cause sudden weight gain are –


Thyroid can change your life. You need to do Thyroid test every 6 months if you are struggling with you weight. If you have normal weight, the test needs to be done once a year. The test done is a blood test and is called Thyroid Profile. The test measures T3, T4 and TSH serum in the body. The test can be a ‘Self Test’ (no doctor prescription needed) and can be done in any labs or multi-speciality hospital.

Folic Acid Deficiency

Folic acid deficiency can cause nutrition deficiency , poor intestinal absorption and serious weight issues. You need to do blood test for finding out Folic Acid level in your body. Since I was am an anemic, I know that all iron tablets contain Folic Acid for better absorption of iron.

Iron Deficiency

Iron is an important mineral element which forms an important component of hemoglobin, metallocompoinds and Vitamin A. Deficiency of iron leads to anemia. You need to test complete haemogram which tells the blood count, hemoglobin , Total Iron Binding Capacity and Tranferrin Saturation Percentage. Total Iron Binding Capacity (TIBC) is a direct measure of the protein  Transferrub which tranbsports iron from the gut to storage sites in the bone marrow.

Iron deficiency will make you feel weak all the time and you will keep gaining weight.

Vitamin B12 Deficiency

Vitamin B12 has many important functions in body. Genrally vegetarians suffer from thus deficiency and must take Vitamin B12 supplements all their lives. The important sources of Vitamin B12 are liver , shellfish, fish, meat and eggs. Vegetarian sources are milk, cheese and yoghurt.

Vitamin D Deficiency

Vitamin D causes absorption of calcium , phosphorus and iron. You get Vitamin D from sunlight. 12-3 pm is the best time for absorption of sunlight. If you are deficient in Vitamin D, there are high chances that you would have iron deficiency too. Iron needs Vitamin D to be absorbed.

Increased Testosterone

This is the male hormone in the blood. Both men and women produce this hormone. In Women, increased Testosterone can cause –

These are some of the health issues you might be suffering but you never knew about them. Get yourself checked and find out the reasons behind your sudden weight gain. Nothing happens without a logical reason !

Take Care !

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