Remember “pantyhose?”



Remember “pantyhose?” Did you wear them in your 20s? Where did they go?

In my 20’s I remember being told at my waitress job to wear nylonsRemember “pantyhose?” 1

A pantyhose under my shorts (when waiting tables at hooters – yep I did that 30 years ago) and under my skirts at my retail job. Which is so funny because our skin is perfect in our 20’s.

NOW, at 50, I totally get why our parents and grandparents wore “pantyhose!” As we age our skin gets thinner and translucent and we see blue hues, spots, veins and more. AND those old school hose made legs look flawless which was a confidence boost!

Those were replaced by TANNED legs which then was replaced by SPRAY TANS. I used to be OBSESSED with spray tanning. I thought it would cover everything and make me look more toned

Not any more. The older I get I find that it makes my skin look dry and crinkly AND it makes all my little brown spots XTRA splotchy and dark.

And I have YET to see a 50 year old woman spray tanned that I think it looks good on (my personal opinion) I think it looks like orange dried Doritos on mature skin

So what do I do INSTEAD? A few things:

1. I make sure to SUPER focus on muscle development and toning. We lose more and more muscle as we age so it is even MORE important to work to define them. Defined lets look better AND are more functional! We use our bodies better with defined legs.

2. HYDRATION, eating an unprocessed diet and Drinking liquid marine Collagen. Subtle- both of those-but they really do improve our skin!

3. AND my trick??? Leg makeup. YUP. I said it. I do it if I am wearing a short skirt or a slitted one. What I do is mix moisturizer with a body makeup bronzer. There are a few I like but honestly the most inexpensive effective I found is Sally Hansen “airbrush tan” it is super inexpensive and works amazing. And my daughter had no idea until this post. The other day she said, “Mom you shaved your legs they look good”. I always “shave my legs” but I guess the leg makeup made a noticeable difference.

And why should we care about these aging “beauty things!?” We shouldn’t.

But the reality is some of us (like me) do. And that’s ok!

We all get to age how we want to!

-Natalie Jill

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