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Originally published at, written by Leanne Grech.

Hello, we are the British Heart Foundation, beating heartbreak with each donation. Our research projects help save lives — and here are some from our archives.

Research Rhymes 1

Sulforaphane, a molecule found in broccoli,
could protect against damage in stroke.
Here’s another one: live near a polluted road?
That’s as deadly as 150 cigarettes/year of smoke.

In the skin of red grapes, a molecule called
resveratrol may cause blood pressure to fall,
as could eating sardines, salmon or mussels.
Oily fish and a glass of red? Not bad at all.

Speaking of fish, there’s one called zebrafish
that can heal its own damaged heart.
Looking for protection against heart disease?
Staying active would be a good start.

Firefighters exposed to extreme heat
are at a higher risk of heart attacks.
But can parasitic worms repair the
damage caused by fatty plaques?

How about implanting a heart ‘patch’
about the size of your thumb?
You see, it’s all that heartbreak
we’re trying to overcome.

Whether it’s algae-based treatment
or printing heart replicas in 3D,
our research is rather inspiring,
wouldn’t you agree?

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