Ride and Lunch Before the Heat



I went for about a 42 mile ride yesterday, starting early because it was supposed to get hot later in the day. It was a nice outing, a little bit on the rural roads of the east side of San Martin and Morgan Hill, then an out and back on the Coyote Creek trail. It was “Taco Tuesday” at the Coyote Creek Golf club’s restaurant, which they do once a month and we enjoy going to. By lunchtime, it was in the low 80s but still pleasant in the shade because of a nice breeze. I took my e-bike which made it more enjoyable on the northbound leg against a pretty stiff headwind. But I also threw in some standing riding without assist so I got a nice workout.

Ride and Lunch Before the Heat 1
On the way to the start of the group ride, I rode to the top of West Dunne Ave in Morgan Hill, for this nice view past the town to the hills on the East side of the Valley
Ride and Lunch Before the Heat 2
Heading Northwest on the Coyote Creek Trail, with the Santa Cruz mountains in the distance
Ride and Lunch Before the Heat 3
Enjoying some shade on the way back to the Golf Course, as it was starting to heat up