Cancer Is The Latest Epidemic: RIP Irfaan Khan and Rishi Kapoor



Cancer Is The Latest Epidemic


Irfaan Khan and Rishi Kapoor

With the sudden and unexpected death of two wonderful actors Irfaan Khan and Rishi Kapoor, we need to think about one ailment and that is, ‘Cancer’.
Cancer Is The Latest Epidemic
Cancer is spreading all over the world like an epidemic. It seems so likely that one fine morning you just wake up with a little discomfort and you come to know you have cancer. It is really weird and scary. Yes, cancer is the latest epidemic!
If I have to divide the world in two parts, it will be with and without cancer. It looks like today we have a sort of parallel world that has people living with cancer. We are raising millions with the help of marathons, events etc and making medical facilities dedicated to this disease but are we going to ever win over it ? No, my belief is NO.
Without meaning to sound negative, the fact remains that today every second person in the world is at cancer risk in general. Isn’t it mind shattering?
Cancer is an already lost battle because we are inducing cancer in ourselves with our own misdoings.

Cancer Is The Latest Epidemic

Cancer Is The Latest Epidemic: RIP Irfaan Khan and Rishi Kapoor 1

Cancer, a family tradition now

When my father was diagnosed cancer in 2001, my mother called me and told me with a broken heart that my father had cancer. My response was,”Shut up, don’t utter that word.”
When my father in law was diagnosed cancer, I didn’t react at all. Reason… No not at all what people might think…. Because I love my father in law just like my father. I took the news in my stride, may be because I had seen enough of this ‘Demon named Cancer’ in context of my father.
The thing that made me ponder was ‘WHY CANCER’!
In the forthcoming words I am trying to share what I understood …. The simple fact about CANCER.

Self inflicted Cancer Epidemic’

The kind of food we eat all the time is the cause for our getting into the trap of cancer. Recently I came across a documentary film on Cancer, ‘The C Word’. This documentary had all the answers to my doubts. This is one documentary that talks about ‘Self inflicted Cancer Epidemic’.
Who is not aware that Cancer is not something that appears overnight. It takes years for the already present cancer cells to grow inside our bodies. Cancer nowadays generally starts in teens with just a single mutated cell and culminates in a clinically proven Cancer.
We need a planned life so that our bodies can ‘resist’ cancer cells instead of killing them. All we need to know is that it is in our own hands and power to resist cancer.
Cancer Is The Latest Epidemic: RIP Irfaan Khan and Rishi Kapoor 2

How to resist cancer?

We spend maximum money on treating preventable diseases. According to reports 70% of cancer deaths can be avoided with a healthy lifestyle. The way we live greatly influences the way we die.
Westernization of our lifestyle is the main cause of cancer ridden Indian society. Eating wrong food and lack of physical activity is the best known causes of cancer.
There are basic two things to be followed in life if we wish to avoid this deadly disease.
  • Moderate aerobic exercises

Cancer Is The Latest Epidemic: RIP Irfaan Khan and Rishi Kapoor 3

30 to 45 minutes of walking 6 times a week is a good start. Since exercise makes us sweat that helps in getting rid of toxins and helps immunity. Exercise, stress management and avoiding toxins are the basic rules to resist cancer.

  • Plant based diet

low carb eggplant recipe

A healthy nutritious plant based diet can go a long way to resist cancer.

Cancer feeds on sugar so the first step should be to avoid sugar as much as possible. The anticancer properties of fruits and vegetables are the saviors so savor them. Strawberry, garlic, pomegranate, broccoli, onion, ginger, turmeric are the easily found plant based anti inflammatory foods. No offence against the animal based diet but after being a staunch carnivore for all my life, I recently turned pure vegetarian, so know the benefits of being one.

The final word…

Every one of us has cancer cells in our body that makes us all vulnerable to cancer and once it comes it never leaves easily. It is up to us to feed them or starve them.
Don’t you think it is time now that we start taking responsibility for our own health?

Hope you found this post ‘Cancer Is The Latest Epidemic’ informative!

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