School, camp, daycare, and sports physicals: What to do in the time of COVID-19

by Fitcoachion | Last Updated: August 4, 2020

As some youth sports teams get started again, some summer camps and daycares are opening up, and we begin to think about school (or some form of it) in the fall, many parents are wondering: what do I do about getting that physical form I need for my child?

Understandably, many families do not want to go to the doctor right now. They are worried about going anywhere, and especially worried about going to a medical office, where they are concerned they may end up around sick people.

I want to say up front that most medical facilities are very aware of the risk, and take measures to make sure that patients can safely get the medical care they need. But when it comes to forms for physicals, in some cases families may not need to leave their homes at all — or if they do, they may be able to do it in a limited way.

What questions should parents ask about forms for sports, daycare, or school?

Do I even need a form?

Would my child’s last appointment suffice for the form?

Would a telehealth visit be possible — and accepted?

Does my child need immunizations or something else that requires an in-person visit?

If my child needs to go in person, what can be done to keep us safe?

I strongly encourage families to call their doctor’s office to find out what they are doing to minimize risk; they will likely be pleasantly surprised. For instance:

As a pediatrician, the most important thing to me is that children get the medical care they need. I worry that many children won’t because their families are afraid of COVID-19. Please, call your doctor and talk about what your child needs — and how they can get it safely. Trust me, we are just as invested in your child’s health and safety as you are.

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