Shweta’s Weight Loss Story


Weight Loss Story

How and why Shweta lost extra weight

Hi Everyone,

Well, here is my weight loss story. To start with the background. I was a fat kid. Not the cute, chubby kinds but I pretty much looked like a ball! Till the time I was about 11 yrs old I was fine, but within a year I ballooned. I developed some skin allergy and because of the medicines, I ballooned big time. I was more than 53 kilos at age 12.

As I entered my teenage years, I was sick and tired of my classmates teasing me and decided to take matters into my own hands. And as we know that’s never a good idea. I went on a crash diet and eventually fell so sick that I was termed “anemic “ by the doctor. Weight loss happened yes, but with it, my health went for a toss. Then as board exams neared, all forms of exercises went for a toss and I became fat again. This was a cause of despair for me. But I decided to join a gym in the vacations that follow the boards. Thus started my journey with workouts which have been irregular of late, but my “ muscle memory “ or the ability for the body to show results quickly is still as strong as ever.

In college, I wasn’t regular with workouts at all, but with all the walking we did around the campus instead of attending classes, kept my weight down. When I passed out from tenth STD, I would wear size 32 jeans, and eventually came down to 28. There was a phase e in between where I actually did fit into size 26. That waist still eludes me till today:P

Then came my airline job, which required me to be at lower body weight. I have written about it, so you can read it here. Thus, began years of yo-yo dieting as my weight had to below 58 kilos. For the record, I am 5 feet 4 inches tall.

But, that crazy dieting took a toll on my health, with perennial dark circles and irregular periods for a while. I met a dietician who taught me that eating healthy coupled with workouts is the best way to live healthily. Fad diets never work as they are only a shortcut. I was never a breakfast person, but now after being shown the right path, I eat heavily in the morning and very light at night. Also, regular,home-cooked meals are the key to good health. That’s not to say I never indulge.. I do, but in moderation and just once a week. I eat pizza and sweets as well. But regular workouts have helped me maintain my body weight. I don’t check my weight much, as I have a higher bone density as a result of which my body weight is high. To give you an idea of my size, I wear tops in S or M depending on the fit and size 27/28 jeans.

Weight Loss Story- the takeaways

What I have realized is that one needs to have a balanced outlook when it comes to health. I strongly recommend that –

  • all women must read extensively books on health and weight loss. If you are reading this weight loss blog, you surely are serious about fitness.
  • Eat smart, eat healthily, and eat more at home.
  • Eat more home-cooked food and workout. Any activity that interests you, will do.


This is how I look right now –

Shweta's weight lossWhat is your Weight Loss Story? Share your weight loss story (success or failures) with us to motivate others and yourself too!


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