Simple Stretching Exercises At Work



Simple Stretching Exercises At Work

After joining the office back post Covid wfh, today one of my colleagues asked me what all stretches do I do while sitting at my desk. I said “Ummmm I don’t know “. I thought he was crazy ;). but on the second thought I realized that  he was right. Unknowingly, I stretch while I am working, perhaps because of boredom :P. Infact, I stretch even when I am swarmed with work. I can only blame my genetics for not being able to sit peacefully 🙂

After this realization hit me, I pinged my colleague and told him I would analyze what all I do and get back to him.

You might not realize the importance of stretching until you start getting a back pain due to long sitting hours in office. So, Ladies and Gentlemen, prevention is better than cure and stretches are better than painkillers 😛

Simple Stretching Exercises At Work

P.S – These stretching exercises don’t attract attention , so don’t worry I am not asking you to do any Yoga Aasan , unless you want to 😉

Simple Stretching Exercises At Work

1. Neck Movement – Tell me how you move your head when you say “No” and “yes” . Its that simple :). Move your neck up, down, left and right. Make it a habit, then you won’t need a reminder for doing it.

2. Arm stretch – I bring my arms forward with palms facing outward and stretch.

3. Back stretch – Both the hands on the back while you are sitting on your chair and stretch.

4. Shoulder shrug – Don’t tell me you don’t know how to shrug :). This will relax your shoulders.

5. Eye Blink – Ideally, you should close your eyes for 20 seconds and look away from your screen if you are sitting in front of your computer for more than half an hour. I usually close my eyes and do neck movements while I am thinking. This gives my eyes a break from UV radiations emitted by the monitor.

6. Leg stretch – While sitting on your chair, just raise your legs parallel to the floor.

Simple Stretches at work

See easy peasy exercises will help you to keep all kinds of pain away from you. TRY !

2 more cents – Please don’t bring coffee/tea to your desk. Walk, make use of your feet :). And take the stairs, at least while going down if not climbing up :P. We have given a list to help you maintain your weight at work here.

Happy Weekend 🙂 !

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