Solutions For Enjoyable Indoor Cycling



I’m not sure when I’ll be cleared to ride on the road again, I need to first be assured that reoccurrence of my recent severe vertigo is unlikely, or that there’ll be some sort of warning symptom. I think that will have to wait until I see an ear specialist on Jan 25. In the meantime, in addition to walking outside for enjoyment, I’m looking into ways to make indoor cycling more fun. It’s already an enjoyable workout when I do intervals, but that is only a couple days a week (“hard leg” day).

Solutions For Enjoyable Indoor Cycling 1

I needed something else for easy days. The craziest thing I tried was an Occulus VR headset. I figured I could find videos of cycling in beautiful places I could immerse myself in. That didn’t work because it drove my eyes crazy and gave me a headache, despite the fact that I’d tried everything they suggested to adjust them properly. I should have known this might be an issue because 3D movies give me a headache too.

Then I got a Chromecast so I could play videos on a tablet and watch them on my large tv, with my bike wheeled in front of it. That works fine. On nice days, I can also just stare at the clouds, the blue sky, and El Toro across the way, through my office window.

Finally, I remembered my own post from back in august: “Meditation in Motion- While Not Going Anywhere“. I tried that today. I was able to ride for 45 minutes, spinning at a brisk but comfortable pace. Very relaxing. I was amused to find that this lowest-tech of solutions appears to be the most enjoyable.

Solutions For Enjoyable Indoor Cycling 2
I had originally thought of this as a bad-weather or bad air day solution, but it also works great when I can’t ride on the road for medical reasons