Some Fun Off-road Riding



There are various fun dirt paths accessible off of the Coyote Creek trail, and today was a nice day to check them out. I rode for a total of about two hours, maybe an hour of that on unpaved or gravel trails. These are good at my skill level, not too technical.

One of the paths goes past this large back yard, which has quite a menagerie, including llamas, goats, sheep, and an ostrich. You can see the ostrich if you zoom in near the llama’s butt:

Some Fun Off-road Riding 1
Some Fun Off-road Riding 2
At the end of the path you run into an unpaved extension of Barnett road, which is lined with this nice grove of oaks, beyond which is an orchard.

On the way home I passed a field of mustard grass in bloom under this old Orchard on the property of the DePaul Health Center:

Some Fun Off-road Riding 3