The secrets to starting more aligner cases



The secrets to starting more aligner cases 1

Kick start your year with Aalok Shukla discussing how to boost aligner cases during a free webinar on Thursday 13 January.

Driven by Zoom and social media, an entirely new audience of patients want clear aligners friction free. How can you do that?

This new audience has different desires, demands and budgets.

The way 99% of practices present aligners in their practice is unfortunately repelling them.

Understand this whole new audience, some of whom are your existing patients, and discover what is sending them directly to the smile clubs. As well as what you can do to help unlock an entirely new revenue stream.

In this webinar

We will cover how to keep patients in your practice by offering a hybrid model. And the secrets technology companies use so that you can also start another 50-100 aligner cases without any Zoom calls or increased marketing spend.

Here are some of the themes that we will address:

  • Discover the digital shifts that are occurring and how they will influence your dental practice
  • Discover what contact lenses and plastic surgery have in common with aligner patients and their demands
  • Look into the blue ocean strategy and how it can help you unlock a new patient base
  • Real examples of mistakes practices make everyday on their websites and emails that repel 19/20 inquiries and what you can do differently to increase your aligner acceptance rate.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand how your practice can use a digital health model to be more attractive to a whole new group of patients
  • Understand all about virtually monitored aligners and how they work
  • And understand how to start another 50-100 aligner cases and increase your practice value, whilst reducing your clinical days.

Aalok Y Shukla

Dr Aalok Y Shukla is the co-founder and CEO of Uplift Health. Its mission is to reduce cost and increase access to oral health through technology.

Following the sale of his private practice he has focused the last six years into developing solutions such as the Instant Dentist teledentistry platform and Virtuoso aligners. This helps dentists work more flexibly. Whilst also offering patients a much more inclusive and cost-effective model of care.

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