Stay-At-Home Mother’s Day Gift Ideas



Sharing a stay-at-home Mother’s Day gift guide with lots of ideas for the women and caretakers we love so much.

Hi friends! How’s the day treating you so far? I hope you’re having a good morning. The weather has been warming up a ton here in Tucson, so the girls have been staying cool by playing with the hose, the unicorn sprinkler, and I ordered them a little inflatable pool that should be here today. If this continues, we’ll be hopping the wall at my parents’ houses to use their pools. 😉

I was brainstorming Mother’s Day ideas since it’s just around the corner. It’s going to be a different kind of Mother’s Day this year and some of the things I’d usually request (a great restaurant brunch, nap, get-together with our whole family, and a spa service gift card!) are pretty much off the table for now. I thought I’d share some of the ideas I’ve thought of if you’re trying to plan something special, or if you want to send it along to the hubby as a “wink-wink, here are some ideas” kinda thing. There are lots of lower-cost and free options included in this gift guide, too. I’d love any ideas you have for Mother’s Day (especially for our moms and grandmothers!) during this weirdo time.

ideas on how to make mother's day special while we stay at home this year!

Stay-At-Home Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

The daily uniform! Fashion is a liiiiittle different (at least for me!) these days. I’m living in loungewear and athletic clothes. Here are some of my fave picks:

Athletic clothes:

– My fave sneakers ever. I wear them for workouts and for life. The kids also have pairs and LOVE them. The kids’ ones wash extremely well – I throw them in the washer and let them air dry- and they’ll continue to be their go-to sneakers when/if we ever go back to school. *laugh emoji* *cry emoji*

– These are the best everyday tees. I have so many of them and they’re awesome for lounging/everyday. If you’re in between sizes for lululemon, definitely size down (I wear a 4 or 6 in lulu and order 4s for these).

– Athletic shorts that aren’t too short and are available in different colors and patterns. I’m wearing these in the color Cassis while I write this post. I also got paint on them during our cabinet painting, which is totally my fault, but still a bummer.

– The best leggings!! They’re not see-through, are supportive, and have a super flattering high waist.

– Lightweight workout tanks.

– New sunglasses.

– A comfy tie dye sweatshirt. These are all the rage right now and I’m HERE for it.

Stay-At-Home Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 1

Comfy pajamas and loungewear:

– The best everyday summer pajamas. I have a few pairs of these and love that they feel put-together (like hey, my pajamas match! #littlewins) but are very comfortable and practical.

– A simple nightgown.

– Cute cactus PJs.

– Slippers. These ones are water resistant and feel like walking on clouds.

– A new robe.

– A baseball cap.

Stay-At-Home Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 2

Beauty + spa at home:

Moms love Beautycounter! This is such a great opportunity to try out some of our bestsellers for yourself, or gift them to someone you love.

My top picks:

– A neutral palette that can be used for daytime or nighttime looks.

– Our all-new Vitamin C serum. It has two ultra-stable forms of Japanese vitamin C to help brighten skin and reduce age spots. It also contains antioxidants to help protect the skin and gives an awesome dewy glow.

– Our top two sellers: the charcoal mask and the overnight peel.

– The most luxurious night cream.

– Color Intense Lipsticks (brunch is my go-to pink nude color!)

– Melting body balm. This smells beautiful is a nice way to hydrate hands with the constant hand washing.

** Everything on the site is safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding. We also have a generous 60-day return policy if for some reason you don’t like your purchase! If you place an order over $50, it’s worth it to join Band of Beauty. It’s like our version of Nordstrom Rewards or Amazon Prime. It’s $29 for the year and you get free shipping on orders over $100, 10% back in product credit, and a free gift on product purchase over $50 when you join. (It’s the charcoal mask this month!) Click here to check it out.

– Static Nails liquid glass lacquer. I’ve been using this for the last couple of months and love it! Their polish is vegan, cruelty-free, nontoxic, and also has healing ingredients, like coconut oil, rosehip oil, and green tea. It doesn’t last quite as long as the advertised “Up to 10 days!” but I find I can go about a week without extremely noticeable chipping. (I CAN’T WAIT to get dip polish again!)

– Silk hair ties. These don’t damage hair or leave a giant ponytail crease.

– A Dyson airwrap. This is a huge expense but everyone I know that has one raves about it.

– These “pack your bags” undereye patches. These are my go-to when I wake up with bags or feeling sleepy.

– A jade roller and gua sha set. I notice a huge decrease in swelling and puffiness when I use these!

– Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Set.

Stay-At-Home Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 3

– A CBD gift set. CBD is saaaaaaving me right now, especially on the nights where I still feel wound up and like I won’t be able to fall asleep. The oil under my tongue instantly calms me. CBD does NOT get you high or impair you in any way, and can help to decrease inflammation in the body. It’s help a ton with my anxiety! Check it out here and enter the code FITNESSISTA for an extra 15% off. (I love the flavored oil drops!)

– This sleep mask! They’re a bit pricey but I’ve had mine for a couple of years and it’s still in great shape.

Stay-At-Home Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 4

Jewelry and personalized gift ideas:

– A mantraband for a boost of hope and positivity.

– A beautiful birthstone bracelet.

– A hand-illustrated family portrait. Ughh I love this!

– A gorgeous letter necklace.

– A floral pendant necklace.

– Muud handmade earrings. This is my SIL’s (Meg’s!) new business and she makes the most gorgeous handmade clay earrings. She’ll be doing another drop on her IG page this Friday at 2pm PST, so be sure to snag some for yourself or for a gift! She’s doing some beautiful shimmery moons and rainbows.

Tasty treats + experience ideas:

– Write her a nice note/card/text message. My friend sent the sweetest supportive text message (short and sweet, like, “Hey, I know you have a lot going on, but you’re crushing it and I love you”) and it made me cry. Supportive words mean the world, especially right now with everything going on.

– A future date! Plan out something in the future for when things settle down again.

– Order brunch or dinner take-out from her favorite restaurant.

– Husbands can offer to watch the kiddos for a couple of hours so mom can nap or take a walk/drive by herself for a bit.

– Draw a bath. Tom did this for me when we were in Valdosta and it was amaaaaazing. He knew I had a hard day, so he filled up the bathtub with a bath bomb, set out a glass of champagne, strawberries, and chocolate, and lit candles. It was such a beautiful act of care and something that didn’t cost any money.

– Leave a bouquet of flowers or succulents and some chocolates on the doorstep! (Going to do this for some friends with a mini bottle of champagne.)

– Order some tasty desserts or treats from somewhere she loves!

– Daily Harvest. These have been SO incredible over the past couple of months, especially for quick and healthy breakfast and lunch options. The smoothies are my very fave, but I also love the flatbreads, bowls, soups, and overnight oats. Check it out here and enter the code FITNESSISTA for $25 off your first box.

What are you going to do for Mother’s Day this year? Any gift ideas or something that’s on your personal wish list?




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