Stepping Up to the One Billion Steps Challenge



Although Mother’s Day is over, the Breast Cancer Society of Canada’s annual Mother’s Day Walk powered by Cleo is just getting started! During May, fundraising participants and supporters are taking on the One Billion Steps Challenge by doing a virtual version of the annual event.

Natasha Nicole KnierMy name is Natasha Knier, and I am an MSc Candidate associated with the Translational Breast Cancer Research Unit (TBCRU). I am participating in the virtual walk this year in support of breast cancer research and awareness. I have had the privilege of being granted a graduate studentship from the TBCRU and the Breast Cancer Society of Canada for the past two years for the work I do in breast cancer metastasis. Being a part of the fundraising efforts means a lot to me as it allows me to give back to the community that supports my projects.

Although the Mother’s Day Walk looks a little different this year, it is crucial to recognize how critical your donations are to continuing research efforts in breast cancer. Donations to the BCSC’s Mother’s Day Walk allow students like me to fund technology, materials, supplies, and opportunities to disseminate our work to the research and public. Currently, the TBCRU has raised nearly $5,000, and it’s incredible to see how many other groups are coming together to support this organization! Whether it’s through sharing a Facebook post, sending a donation, or walking in support, all efforts are important and valued towards reaching our fundraising goals.

Natasha Nicole KnierYou may be wondering how a virtual walk works. It can be done however it is best and safest for you! Some participants are counting steps in the homes. Others are doing laps around the backyard, as for me, I am doing walks around my street with my dog, Winnie! Each day, Winnie (showing her support in pink) lets me know that it is time for her daily walk, and the two of us start counting our steps together. I find that using apps on my smartwatch is the best and easiest way to track my steps towards the One Billion Steps Challenge. I am tremendously thankful for family members and friends who have donated and supported my walk online – Winnie and I were able to reach my fundraising goal of $700 this year!

So how are you supporting this year’s Mother’s Day Walk? It can be as easy as donating through an online link, sharing a fundraising post on social media, or getting in a few steps on your home treadmill. Let us know in the comments below or on your favorite social media. We can’t wait to hear how it’s going!

Support breast cancer researchers like Natasha Knier by joining the Mother’s Day Walk powered by Cleo – One Billion Steps Challenge. Visit today register or donate today. Together we will reach one billion steps!

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