Strength Training and a Local Walk



It’s been really hot here lately, high of 107 F today. So I did strength training in my garage early then went for a walk with my hand weights locally, when it was still down in the 80s.

The neighborhood behind us has a nice walking path with some oaks and eucalyptus trees shading it. Next to it is a commercial storage facility with this wall surrounding it. I like to go in the shade along here on hot days:

Strength Training and a Local Walk 1

Further along next to the same path, now the wall is next to an industrial park on the other side:

Strength Training and a Local Walk 2

This is on the actual path:

Strength Training and a Local Walk 3

Between the strength training and the walking I still got in a couple of hours. After lunch I noticed a message on my phone. I had finally gotten my bike into the shop and it was ready. We had some shopping to do so my wife dropped me off at the bike shop which is fortunately close by. I rode the bike home in 100-plus heat. Really hot when I got home despite going less than a mile.

Tomorrow and Sunday are also triple-digit temperatures so I’ll be getting up early again.