Stress Management : 8 Ways To Reduce Stress



Stress Management :

8 Ways To Reduce Stress

Hello all!!

I constantly keep hearing from my kith and kin that their life has stress in it and they are not able to handle things. I see lives getting unhappy and distraught. Yes, stress is there in everybody’s life, even mine. It can be job related or due to some other personal reason. You can feel stressed out when you are unable to lose weight and not get that dream like figure.  Even students suffer from the same problem. One of my friends left her job to pursue higher studies and now feels that the course is too tough.

Oh well! Life goes on but stress leaves behind an indelible mark on one’s health. So, instead of telling you all how bad stress can be, let us focus on how to calm ourselves down. Stress is always going to be there but we have got to safeguard our health first.

Stress Management : 8 Ways To Reduce Stress

Stress Management : 8 Ways To Reduce Stress

1. Exercise

See I started with what our blog tells us! Sedentary lifestyles add onto the woes. Exercise is known to release several hormones that relieve stress. So, your body and your mind can be kept in good shape by exercising.

2. Sleep

All of you know that!! But do you know when you are asleep the mind rejuvenates itself. But at times you just can’t sleep. It happens to everyone. Don’t panic, I will give you tips.

  • Sing a religious song (only if you sleep alone or else your partner is bound to get annoyed) mine is Om Jai Jagdish Hare ( The last time I sang it, the time was 1.00 am and I slept!!!)
  • Count sheep
  • Read a boring book

     Hope at least one trick works for you!!

3. Reduce your sugar and coffee intake.

I know it is difficult. Some people open their eyes in the morning to a cup of steaming coffee but you can try to reduce the intake. You can eat sweets occasionally but don’t go overboard. Try not to make sweets your comfort food.

4. Cut down on the things- to- do list

You can’t stuff everything into the 24 hours you have in a day. Be flexible and that would do a lot good to your stress levels.

5. Music!

 Listening to your favourite kind of music can do wonders. I know a dentist who plays his list of favourite songs in his clinic while working on a patient. When I visit him I find him tapping his foot to the beat of the song and at the same time working on my teeth. I feel all of us can employ that in our work lives to a certain extent. It is known to increase productivity too.

6. Hot water bath

There nothing in this world like a hot water bath. It is so relaxing and at the same time rejuvenating. At the end of a stressful day end your worries by a hot water bath!

7. Aromatherapy

No, I am not asking you to burn a big hole in your pocket by visiting the spa but you can comfortably buy scented candles and light them in your room. This will help you de-stress yourself.

8. Play with your pets

Have you touched the coat of a puppy? It feels like velvet and the loving response you get from the little creature is bound to lift up your spirits. I have seen pics of people working in the Google office who bring their dog along. Wonder when we can get such work environments here in India!!

So here were few tips on  Stress Management : 8 Ways To Reduce Stress

Hope you are ready for the second wave of Covid 19 with lesser stress. Go ahead and lead a stress-free life.

Take care!

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