Supplements for a healthy immune system



Sharing some supplements for a healthy immune system and ideas on how to keep your immune system healthy.

Hi friends! I hope you’re having a great morning! I’m getting some things together for an upcoming event, catching an upper body Fit Team workout, and stacked with client calls the rest of the day.

For today’s post, I wanted to share some supplement ideas to support a strong immune system. I have my handful of tricks that I use when we’re feeling under the weather, but I asked Mia to see if she’d chime in with some of her tips and faves. Here are some of her tips below (aka this post was written by a Registered Dietitian. I’m a certified nutrition coach and personal trainer, but not an RD, which is one of the many reasons why I asked Mia to join my team this year. She has SO much knowledge to share and I’m so so pumped to be collaborating with her and bringing on some new experts here on the blog, with 1:1 clients, and with Fit Team.)

Supplements for a healthy immune system 1

Supplements for a healthy immune system

These are my top supplements to support daily immune health. Notice how the list does not contain single sources of zinc, B vitamins, Vitamin D or other ones you hear in the “health space.” That’s because if you’re choosing to eat real, whole foods and take grass-fed organs (supplement or cooking them from things like beef liver), you’re getting everything you need!

Organ complex

I love organ complex because it includes sources from the kidney, liver, and heart.  Start with 2 a day and work your way up to the full dose on the bottle. It is great to support total body nutrition, regulate your hormones, hair, skin, nails, healthy gut, histamine issues, and is great especially if you are not eating organs on a regular basis.  This is what gives you an extra boost of energy that caffeine cannot touch and makes the “lights come on.”


Magnesium is a must! Depending on where plants are grown and the health of the soil, many of our vegetables and not as rich in minerals like magnesium as they once were.  Sure, we are getting fiber, but likely not the amount of magnesium we need.  This is where magnesium glycinate comes into play. It’s a great form that is bio available and wont send you running for the bathroom like some popular “calming” brands on the market . This magnesium will help restore your body to proper levels.


Next to clean water that includes getting a home reverse osmosis water filtration system (like Aquasana, or a countertop water filtration system, like Berkey), minerals are a must! We need them for proper balance in the body as most of us have an imbalance in copper and magnesium and are overloaded with iron (no this does not mean stop eating red meat!).

Vitamin C

Whole food vitamin C. Whether you decide to eat your whole food form like kiwi, pineapple, citrus or peppers, supplemental whole food Vitamin C is a great addition and can be beneficial not only for immune health but stress. Ideally we want to get vitamin C from several sources, but if you need a supplement form, scope out your labels and look for one that is whole-food based. If you see ascorbic acid, throw it out!  We need real food forms that our body can recognize and absorb to support our immune system.

Lifestyle tips for a strong immune system:

Other considerations for boosting your immune system and staying strong:

Sleep. Aim for at least 7-9 hours each night and have a solid wind-down routine before starting into the bedtime rituals.

Sunshine. Get outside for morning light, 20 minutes of mid-day light, and evening light to keep your circadian rhythm strong.

Eat the yolks! If you tolerate eggs, include the yolks. They are full of vitamin A, D, E, K, choline and are a powerhouse of nutrition!

Eat primarily whole foods and ditch the processed, hyperpalatable, sugar-laden items. Treat these as “sometimes” foods instead of “all the time” foods.

Positive self talk, meditation, and unfollowing negativity. Your brain is always listening. Don’t be afraid to unfollow or unfriend anyone that makes you feel badly, and cultivate positive space and energy.

Hydration hydration hydration! Electrolytes, minerals, decaf and non caloric sweetened beverages like tea all count.

So tell me, friends: what are some of your strategies to keep your immune system strong?

Do you do anything from the list above?

What are some of your strategies when you start to feel under the weather?




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