Supporting the foundation of your practice



Supporting the foundation of your practice 1

Dentalair Utilities explains how its Air to the Chair service can help simplify and protect your air supply needs for your practice.

No machine runs well without its basic components operating perfectly, and a practice is much the same.

Your air supply is essential in order to provide care. So why not make maintaining this vital piece of equipment as simple as possible?

Dentalair Utilities has revolutionised the way professionals can approach their air supply. It streamlines everything from maintenance to repair to ensure that the cogs of your business keep turning in every eventuality.

Simplifying your air supply

Do you currently have breakdown cover for your air supply? What about reliable maintenance? Are these offered by the same team of experts who can work around your schedule?

It’s surprising how much time looking after an essential piece of equipment like your air supply can take and how complicated it can be. Especially when you consider that this is all time that you could better invest in other parts of your practice.

This is why Dentalair Utilities created Air to the Chair. It’s a unique, easy policy that transforms your air supply into another utility. It saves you time and keeps this part of your practice completely stress-free.

To take out our Air to the Chair policy, all you need to do is log on to, select the ‘new dental air supply’ option at the top. Then, within a couple of clicks you can receive a bespoke monthly subscription price that covers all of your air supply needs.

Below is what Air to the Chair can do for you.

A new air supply for absolute confidence

One huge benefit of signing up to our Air to the Chair policy is that it includes installation of a brand new, oil-free air supply that provides medical grade air.

All installation costs are included in the monthly subscription price that starts from just £5 per week per chair. Plus, you can schedule installation for whenever suits you best. This therefore minimises downtime for a simple, seamless transition.

Our air supply models are state-of-the-art and have no risk of moisture or oil residue build-up. This also ensures that they run smoothly for years to come.

Unbeatable maintenance and breakdown cover

Shopping around for maintenance services or calling in technicians when a breakdown occurs is stressful. And, more often than not, creates a huge expenditure that would be better off avoided.

The Air to the Chair policy includes regular maintenance of your system and a highly responsive breakdown repair service. Our team of highly-trained technicians only use original parts and can schedule their visit at the time that suits you best.

In the event of a problem of a breakdown, call us before 12pm and more often than not we are with you on the very same day so that your practice experiences as minimal disruption as possible.

As an added bonus, if we can’t fix your air supply there and then, we will loan you an alternative system until we have yours up and running again. This way you can continue to provide care without the worry that your air supply is holding you back.

All of this is included in your £5 per chair per week fee!

Certification for ultimate compliance

Part of the Air to the Chair service is our commitment to ensuring that your supply remains safe and compliant.

That’s why at installation we test the air quality and issue you with an Air Quality Certificate. This document can be used during CQC inspections to prove that you have done all in your power to ensure that your air supply is safe and well maintained.

Furthermore, we will also issue you with an ongoing PSSR written scheme. This vital document is part of the BDA Good Practice Scheme and communicates to patients your ongoing commitment to working to standards of good practice on professional and legal responsibilities.

We put the customer first

Your happiness is our priority. This is why we always go above and beyond to deliver exceptional service. Here’s what one of our happy customers had to say. ‘We have been a customer with Dentalair Utilities for around five years.

The best thing about being with Dentalair Utilities is their fast and friendly service – we are always made a priority when needed so we know that we can always count on the team’s support.

‘The customer service is simply excellent. We’ve never had any problems and I would definitely recommend Dentalair Utilities to other professionals!’

So, if you want to keep your practice running smoothly and remove the stress from your air supply, contact the team at Dentalair Utilities today.

For more information, please visit, contact Dentalair Utilities at or call 0800 975 7530.