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5 Healthy Teas and Their Magical Benefits

For millennia, humans have brewed various types of teas worldwide for their various health benefits — A piping hot cup of tea can do wonders for one’s physical and mental wellbeing. Tea is one of the healthiest beverages, making it the second-most consumed drink on the planet, after water, of course! But not all teas are the same.

There are various categories of tea ranging from Black Teas, White Teas, Green Teas, Oolong Teas. Now, we even have more modern “fancy” tea concoctions such as Chai Lattes. There are countless types of tea within these categories, each offering its own unique set of benefits and even drawbacks. We will make this article super simple for you — we will explore the healthiest teas by name and use. In short, we’re here to “spill the tea” on the five most beneficial brews for your body.

1. Green Tea

green tea

Leaf buds and dried leaves of the “Camellia Sinensis” plant give Green tea its goodness. Green tea helps your body fight off several diseases and has anti-inflammatory properties. The anti-oxidant-rich beverage helps prevent cell damage. It also accelerates the fat-burning process, making it a great diet drink.

Since it doesn’t contain as much caffeine as coffee, green tea is an excellent stimulant. It helps you stay alert without giving you those coffee jitters.

A study published by the Cleveland Health Clinic revealed that Green tea aids in fighting cancer and heart disease. It also helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol and is excellent for weight loss.

2. Ginger Tea

ginger tea

Adrak or Ginger has been a staple in Indian households, with many a generation vouching for its superior healing properties. Ginger Tea is great for soothing a sore throat. It also comes highly recommended by both Eastern and Western medical experts to help cure tummy issues and maintain gut health. Ayurveda has long preached the benefits of Ginger Tea for a vast array of health benefits. A western study published by Integrative Medicine Insights states that it even prevents nausea and vomiting during Pregnancy and Chemotherapy.

Ginger tea works wonders to calm the stomach and even aids in the digestive process by releasing digestive juices as well as helps in eliminating excess gas from the body. Dried Ginger, either loose or packed in tea bags, make for the best Ginger Teas. Ginger tea with hot milk is a great Masala Chai for cold winter days or rainy afternoons.

3. Peppermint Tea

Peppermint tea

If Ginger is not your cup of tea, then Peppermint serves as a wonderful alternative. It addresses gut health issues and is recommended for those suffering from IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). In addition to being incredibly beneficial to your digestive tract, Peppermint Tea has antiviral and antibacterial properties. This makes it the perfect brew for when you’re feeling under the weather. Furthermore, a study by Harvard Education recommends Peppermint Tea as one of the best caffeine-free options available. So it can be a great choice for a nighttime beverage. Often recommended as a bedtime tea, it helps you fall asleep as it works as a natural muscle relaxant. These relaxing properties also aid in offering relief from migraines and headaches.

4. Black Tea

Black Tea

While Black Teas contain more caffeine than other teas, they are still a great alternative to coffee. If you’re looking for a healthy caffeine kick with intense flavours, then Black Tea might be the perfect beverage for you. Darjeeling Tea, Assam Tea, and Earl Grey are some of the teas that fall under the category of Black Teas.

Black tea is an antioxidant-rich beverage, which helps in protecting against free radicals that cause various ailments. It promotes overall heart health, helps lower blood pressure, and also aids in lowering harmful cholesterol levels. That’s not all; according to Medical News Today, Black Tea aids in preventing Diabetes and reduces the risk of cancer. Many experts recommend drinking a cup of Black Tea daily.

5. Hibiscus Tea

Hisbiscus tea

This herbal tea is high in Vitamin C and rich in antioxidants. According to Penn Medicine, Hibiscus Tea “Lowers blood pressure and fat levels, improves overall liver health, can stave off cravings for unhealthy sweets, and may prevent the formation of kidney stones.”

Several studies have shown that Hibiscus Tea potentially promotes weight loss. According to WebMD, one study revealed that the extracts of Hibiscus helped to reduce body weight, body fat, and body mass index in 12 weeks. It also helps to lower blood pressure and bad cholesterol levels and is known to have antibacterial properties.

While hundreds of types of teas are available on the market, our top 5 picks made it to the list thanks to their wide-ranging benefits. Our list explores the particular types of teas that are beneficial for one’s overall health and wellness. Although good for you, even teas should be consumed in moderation.

But what about those fancy weight loss and detox teas available on the market?

We recommend consulting a doctor or nutritionist before jumping on the fad-diet bandwagon. Unlike the natural teas we mentioned above, teas marketed specifically for diet and weight loss may be detrimental to your health.

Chain store teas, bubble teas, and the like can come loaded with carbs, sugar, and excess calories. Try to avoid fancy concoctions that will defeat the purpose of your healthy-sipping goals. When choosing healthy tea recipes, the best advice is to keep it simple with minimal ingredients in the mix.

What’s your favourite type of tea? Do let us know in the comments section below!

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