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“I learned that I actually like the feeling of working up a sweat.”

“I actually feel achier when I don’t do workouts.”

“I’m at the halfway mark on my chemo now, just finish 3 x FEC and will start weekly x 9 of Taxol this Tuesday. I’m running though chemo, much slower pace and shorter distance. My heart rate on my long run is the same when I did my tempo run before chemo, but doesn’t bother me at all! As long as I can get out there and run I’m happy.”


mightymon, Jan. 6, 2011, running thread

“I have lymphedema, but I love my yoga classes and wouldn’t give them up for the world! That said, I always wear my compression sleeve and gauntlet and I do avoid poses like downward dog. I can do plank just fine for some reason. After dealing with lymphedema for so long, I’ve just kind of learned what poses will leave my arm with that dreaded ‘heavy’ feeling, and I avoid those, but I do all others with enthusiasm.”


NasFan, May 24, 2011, what to avoid in yoga thread

“I am a jogger and right in the midst of radiation. Two weeks ago I completed a 10-mile race (not very fast but I finished). I have been jogging all along through lumpectomy and chemo. I will say that running through radiation has been a little harder than I thought it would be. I am tired and in a ‘my legs feel like lead’ kind of way. My other problem is that all the sweating is not good for my sharpie marks — I already had one come off and another one is just about to.”


LoriR, Sept. 7, 2009, running during radiation thread

“I just passed the half way mark on radiation therapy today and went for a 4-mile JOG — I emphasize jog because my husband can actually walk beside at the same rate. In any case, it just feels good to still be getting out there and sweating no matter how far or how fast.”


LoriR, Sept. 10, 2009, running during radiation thread

“I had a bilateral with implants and I have been doing the P90X. I love the workouts — I’m a personal trainer. The program has a lot of chest work with a ton of push-up variations. I keep the number of push-ups low and will work another body part through some of the segments. I find that doing an incline chest press is more comfortable that lying flat — that hurts actually — so I stick with the incline.”


heroinme, July 16, 2011, P90X and bilateral mastectomy thread

“I am terrible about regular exercise, but love walking outdoors. A friend gave me an iPod and with my favorite tunes, I feel like I can go for hours…and sometimes do!”


DesignerMom, June 7, 2011, 2011 walking thread

“While on chemo and radiation, I was walking every day. It really helped with fatigue. Even if you have to crawl out the door, you get your b*** out there. It will be well worth it in the end. During radiation I also did my arm exercises every day. I just hated the tightening feeling if I didn’t do my upper body workout.”


Heidihill, June 24, 2011, 2011 walking thread

“I started walking during my Taxol treatments, when the pain became unbearable. It didn’t matter whether I was lying down or standing up. Walking helped immensely — I truly believe that I managed to walk off most of the Taxol induced pain. I walk with my dog every morning, 4.5 miles, six days a week. Sunday is usually my day of rest. I cover 4.5 miles in about an hour and 5 minutes, so I’m reasonably fast. My husband can’t keep up with me.”


mks16, June 24, 2011, 2011 walking thread

“I’m an avid walker, which I started doing about 2.5 years ago, right after I finished radiation. I started slowly (a mile, then 2…), and now I walk anywhere from 3.5 to 6 miles a day, depending on the weather and how much time I have. I go at about a 4 mph pace, so if I have an hour and a half and it’s not too hot, I’ll get in 6 miles. One thing that helped me get started was a pedometer because it made it clear to me that there was no way I was doing the recommended 10,000 steps a day without adding some intentional walking. It also made it easy to track my daily progress and my weekly total.”


dlb823, July 1, 2011, 2011 walking thread

All of the above quotes are from the Working on Your Fitness forum.

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“I’m 19 days post double mastectomy; second primary in 13 months, so I opted for no reconstruction. Have been doing my exercises as instructed and seeing progress, (though certainly not as much or as quickly as I would like). Baby steps, baby steps. More practice being patient for me! Resuming my regular morning stretches (with modification for some areas) has been a tremendous help to keep me flexible all over, and feels SO GOOD.”


JBinOK, Feb. 8, 2011, Jan 2011 gals – post op exercise check in! thread in Surgery – Before, During, and After forum

“The Pals for Life program has been instrumental in helping me gain increased strength and range of motion in my affected arm. My energy level has improved as well as my cardiovascular endurance and core strength. The program has been life changing – it has me moving again. I am grateful for how well I feel about my overall health and well-being. Just knowing that I can lift more than 5lbs with my affected arm has been rewarding.”