Thanksgiving Thoughts



Thanksgiving Thoughts

Every year at about this time, I write about the things I am grateful for as a business owner and marketing professional. This year, however, I thought I would change things up a bit and ask my team to share their thoughts about working for MDA. Here, in their unedited words, is what they had to say:

Thanksgiving Thoughts 1

Danielle Blevins


I am so grateful for our team, leaders, and clients here at MDA. It’s been such a pleasure to work with a team that is not only passionate about helping our clients but also always has each other’s back and is ready to step up to help whenever they can. I’m thankful for our leaders for showing us what it’s like to be able to balance work and life without missing out on important moments with our families and children. They always encourage us to take the time we need to be there for our family when they need us the most. I’m also so fortunate to be able to work with the best clients! We often hear them contributing some of their success to our hard work, and it is extremely fulfilling to know that they appreciate us as much as we appreciate them.

Thanksgiving Thoughts 2

Buffy Berg


I am thankful for the opportunity to work for a company that truly believes in both their clients and their employees. The word employee doesn’t even really do it justice. Here at MDA, we are a family. We are uplifting, encouraging, and such a big support system for each other, not only at work but also personally. Our leaders fully support such an amazing work/life balance so that we don’t have to miss any important moments with our families, kids, or at work. Especially during COVID with homeschooling and working remote, as a team we somehow managed to support each other in ways that never seemed imaginable. Everyone on the team jumped in to do not only their job, but to help other team members who had to tend to kids, schooling, etc. On the flip side of that, we have the opportunity to work with truly amazing clients. Clients that not only trust us, but who also ask us for advice and really give us the ability to help them in more ways than we sometimes ever thought possible. Over the course of the last year, we have been able to really establish so much more of a personal relationship with so many of our clients as we have had to navigate uncharted territory together, and we have come out so successful on both sides and learned so much. There are not enough ways that we can thank our clients and their staff/teams who we really feel are a part of our family here at MDA.

There aren’t enough words to describe how it feels to work for leaders who actually care and show that they care, to have a team surrounding you that you know would do anything to help, and clients who value, trust, and appreciate all that you do. Thankful is just one of the words that come to mind to describe my love and appreciation for the opportunity to work at MDA.

Thanksgiving Thoughts 3

Melissa Andrade


I am thankful for our team for working together to achieve our goals and helping each other whenever it’s needed. For truly living up to our motto for the year – “Whatever It Takes”. I am thankful for our amazing clients and their teams who I have gotten to know better over the last year and who have been like an extended family. I am thankful to our leadership who cares so much about each of us individually and has provided a workplace where I truly look forward to working everyday.

Thanksgiving Thoughts 4

Ryan Vurva


I am grateful for having such a caring and compassionate team to work with. I have never had a job where I felt like my bosses were my work parents and that I could trust them in that way without question.

Thanksgiving Thoughts 5

Emma Loney


I am thankful to work with such an amazing team who makes coming to work exciting. The leaders listen and care about their employees and feel more like family! We have all worked together to create a work environment that is nonjudgmental, caring, and supportive, and I am thankful to be a part of it!

Thanksgiving Thoughts 6

Stephanie Krotov


This year, I am thankful to have leaders who care for their employees and promote work-life balance with things like rewards for healthy lifestyle changes. I am thankful to have clients that share positive feedback so we feel like our work is being appreciated, noticed, and is actually helpful to their business. I am thankful to have colleagues who lend a helping hand and listening ear.

Thanksgiving Thoughts 7

Me, I am thankful for such an amazing team and so blessed to have their support. In my experience, it’s rare that you find such caring and dedicated people who share your vision, people you can count on every day to help you reach new heights, people who are there for you no matter what. That’s MDA.

From our team to yours, we wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving with friends, colleagues, and family.

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