The Best Men’s Running Shoes Under $100 in 2022



In theory, running is a minimalist sport—all you need is a good pair of sneakers. If you haven’t noticed, though, a good pair of sneakers will often cost you upwards of $200. Great kicks are important: They protect your feet from the impact forces generated by striking the pavement mile after mile, and they also store energy to help your feet spring forward, creating a fast, lively feel underfoot. But if you’re running on a budget, you’re in luck: You can still score a pair of stellar running shoes for under $100.

Affordable running shoes might not have all the cutting-edge technology that helps elite runners pull off extraordinary feats, but that kind of tech isn’t always necessary for casual running or day-to-day training. Most running shoes on the market today are outfitted with soft, supportive foam, breathable knit uppers, and stylish designs. In other words, even running shoes under $100 still offer plenty of performance.

Below, we put together a list of running shoes from trusted brands like Nike, Asics, and New Balance that are affordable and dependable. Check out nine of the best budget buys (all for $100 or less) you can find right now.

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The Best Running Shoes Under $100 in 2022