The Best Yoga Mats for Men in 2022



Yoga mats might seem like a simple piece of gear, but these six-foot rubber pads symbolize more. By unfurling one in a bikram yoga class or at home in front of your favorite yoga channel, you’re creating a physical space to move your body as well as a mental space to invite more mindfulness. Think of the mat as a landing spot for taking care of your entire wellbeing.

If you’re new to the practice or just looking to upgrade your yoga mat, you’ll want to consider a few different features before adding one to your shopping cart. The most noticeable feature on yoga mats is the material they’re made from. Most yoga mats are made from a blend of rubber and polyurethane to provide grip during sweaty workouts, but some mats are made from fabric and plant-derived materials. Yoga brands are being more conscientious about using earth-friendly ingredients, so keep an eye out for mats that are made with recycled content, are FSC-certified, and are chemical-free.

The next feature to consider is thickness. If you’re sensitive to hard surfaces or tend to have joint pain, opt for a thicker mat: It’ll offer more cushioning for your hands, knees, elbows, and feet when they make contact with the ground. You can also add a blanket, pillow, or block for extra support. Keep in mind that the thicker the yoga mat, the larger it’s going to be when rolled up. Thinner mats tend to be lighter and easier to roll up and transport.

Bonus features in some selections include antimicrobial additives, anti-slip coatings, lifetime guarantees, extra surface area, and the use of natural materials like grass and cotton.

To help you choose the right yoga mat, we compiled 15 of our favorites for all types of yoga sessions. Whether you’re planning on sweating out all your worries in a hot yoga class or just doing some after-work stretching, these are the best yoga mats for men in 2022.

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