The doctor didn’t know her symptom was breast cancer



Today in Burundi, Africa, if a woman finds a symptom of breast cancer and shows her doctor, she will most likely get turned away. Why? Because sadly most doctors don’t know the 12 signs of breast cancer and can often mistake it for an infection.


With just one mammography machine for the entire country, finding breast cancer is entirely based on patients and women knowing the 12 symptoms and performing self-exams. Despite breast cancer being the most common cancer for women in Burundi, most women don’t know the symptoms and most doctors are not trained to recognise them.


The Uzima Association came to us in October asking for help to train 36 of their doctors in how to better identify the 12 signs of breast cancer and teach the women of Burundi how to self-exam across the country. With your tax-deductible (USA) donation, you can help us train these doctors on how to educate women in their communities with our life-saving work, and learn how to better identify symptoms in patients. Your donation will fund important education which could save the life of a mother, sister, or daughter throughout Burundi.

“In a country where breasts are considered a taboo, we really need Know Your Lemons. It would give us a way to show signs of breast cancer that’s comfortable for us as doctors to share and for the women to see. It would make a huge difference to us in improving lives for breast cancer patients.” – Innocent


It cost’s $250 to send a teaching kit to one doctor. Will you help us?