Working Out in The Fog



The marine layer rolled in this morning so we couldn’t see nearby El Toro mountain:

Working Out in The Fog 1

I was out walking when it burned off and forgot to bring my camera. This is about an hour later after it burned off, quite a difference:

Working Out in The Fog 2

The early morning fog kept it from getting hot today, high if 80 F. It appears our extended summer weather may be done. At least it’s been cooling off at night.

I was doing my garage gym training during the fog, it was still enjoyable. I’ve figured out a way to make my more extended strength training still time efficient. I’ll talk about the tricks I use in my next post. After the strength work I did some intervals with garage equipment like my homemade “ski trainer” and “kayak trainer” that use resistance bands, both of which I talked about previously, Then I did some more intervals walking with dumbbells and then with poles. During the pole walking the fog burned off. A nice way to start the day.