The Fruitarian Diet – Healthy Or Not!



The Fruitarian Diet – Healthy Or Not!

I am a fruit lover and that is the only reason, I love summers. Those huge red watermelons and golden muskmelons are a treat to the eyes. As most of you know that there was a time I had lost 40 kilos of weight being on the Atkins Diet. You can read my weight loss story here….

In many of my previous blog posts, I have written about how I gained back all my weight slowly due to hurting my ankle being overenthusiastic while working out. Age factor with Menopause related weight issues too played dirty in my case like many other women. But mostly it was my bad eating habit that landed me in a total health mess. Now that I am soon going to be 55, I plan to lose some weight again… actually lots of it needs to go now. 😛

Since I am a strong believer in the ‘Self help is the best help’ concept thus while looking for some easy way of losing weight during summers, I came across many articles on The Fruitarian Diet. The question lurked in my mind if that would be a good way to lose weight! So here I thought of sharing with you all who are sailing in the same boat as me… Please read and share your thoughts about The Fruitarian Diet, if you have ever tried it.

The Fruitarian Diet – Is it healthy or not!

The Fruitarian Diet

Nowadays people are turning towards Veganism and Vegetarianism. They are becoming more vocal about following a plant-based, vegan, or vegetarian diet as the healthiest way to lose weight fast. A large population of the world is following the fruitarian diet, which involves eating fresh fruits in all the meals. Though according to the nutrition experts fruitarian diet is a very restrictive diet and not recommended. Basically, it goes against the rules of a balanced diet. Well, agreed… BUT…..

Can we use the fruitarian diet to lose some weight quickly?

We all know that fruits are packed with natural sugar like fructose, antioxidants, Vitamin C and beta-carotene, etc. We also know that fruits can reduce the risk of cancer and many other chronic diseases. Nutrition experts recommend eating seasonal fruits as healthy yet they say that fruit portions no more than 25% to 30% of an individual’s diet should be included in a healthy diet plan. LOL and we talk about eating 100% fruits…. 😛

There are diets like the Mediterranean diet with the inclusion of fruits and vegetables in bigger proportions. Incidentally, the Mediterranean diet is considered one of the best heart-healthy diets. As far as losing weight on the Fruitarian Diet is concerned, nope experts refuse to accept it as healthy but do agree that it can help in losing some quick weight since it will be a very low-calorie diet. So weight loss, YES but there is a high chance of losing muscle in the bargain. Hmmm! that is something to worry about.

Reasons why the Fruitarian Diet is not recommended…

  • The Fruitarian Diet is a very restrictive one that can cause several health problems.
  • Though some can see quick weight loss yet fruits being heavy in natural sugars, eating large portions of fruit can make you put on weight instead of losing. Hmm! Risky, isn’t it?
  • For diabetic and pre-diabetic people this can be a risky diet due to obvious reasons. The natural sugar in fruits can negatively affect blood sugar levels.
  • The Fruitarian Diet can never be a healthy option for people with pancreatic and kidney disorders.
  • It has been seen that the followers of the Fruitarian diet generally suffer due to low levels of calcium, vitamin D, vitamin B12, iodine, and even omega-3 fatty acids. This can lead to various health problems like anemia, low energy level, and immune system disorders.
  • Since fruits have a low level of calcium thus can also be the cause of osteoporosis.
  • Malnutrition caused by eating fruits only can cause strong cravings and eating disorders.
  • Worst is that when one is eating only fruits, there is a lack of various vitamins, fats, and proteins, which can push your body into starvation mode, thus difficult to lose weight in the long run. We all know that if we starve our bodies, it slows down our metabolism in an attempt to conserve energy for basic functioning.

Well, isn’t it very clear that the Fruitarian Diet is not at all a healthy option! But if you want to lose some quick weight to fit into one size smaller dress for a special day, you can try it for three days maximum. Or the better way can be having one meal as ‘Fruit Only’ kind but one meal a balanced one.

I am going to try this middle path for a month along with some walk exercises (my osteoarthritis doesn’t allow me anything more than that–Sigh!) Let me do it for exactly a month and then I will share with you all the results with my personal experience.

Till then, eat healthy, stay home and stay safe.

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