The GM Diet – Does It Really Work ?



The GM Diet – Does It Really Work ?

During lockdown for Covid-19 I was going through my weight loss journey notes and realised that I have tried almost everything to lose weight. One such experience had been the most popular GM Diet.

All of us have tried GM diet at some point of time during our weight loss journey. Do you wish to know if the GM Diet really works? I also wanted to know so, I decided to go on GM Diet for 7 days a few years back.  Let me share my seven days journey with you all and find out if it worked or not.

I will post my previous experience and weight loss in next few posts starting Monday. Let me brief you first to all the uninitiated, what GM diet is all about.

Does GM diet work

GM Diet or General Motors Diet is a weight management program originally designed by the General Motors Corporation for the fitness of its employees. This diet system focuses on the consumption of specific foods per day and lasts for a span of 7 days.

The GM Diet – Does It Really Work ?

This is a detoxification and very low calorie diet. I tried doing an Indian vegetarian version of this diet for 7 days and now I share my effort and results with you starting today.

Here is the GM Diet Plan –

The GM Diet - Does It Really Work ?

Day 1 – All fruits except bananas and 10-12 glasses of water. Water is the Best Friend in this diet !

Day 2 – All vegetables. Breakfast is steamed large size potato with during the second day. The GM diet wonder soup can be taken during lunch and dinner. I will let you know about this soup in the coming posts.

Day 3 – Mixture of fruits and vegetables but no bananas.

Day 4 – Banana and milk. Skim milk and banana, together with the GM wonder soup or any vegetable soup may be served on this day.

Day 5 – Brown rice, curd , cucumber and tomatoes.

Day 6 – Brown rice and vegetables. Day 5 and Day 6 are for Protein and Carbohydrates intake. For non-veggies, white meat is the source of fatless protien or the egg white portion For veggies, source of protein are daal, soya balls, paneer, curd, brown rice.

Day 7 – Brown rice, vegetables and fruits. Two cups of brown rice may be consumed together with unlimited servings of vegetables and fruits.

Side Effects of GM Diet

I had done detox before. So, I knew that headaches and weakness were common problems that I would face. Remember, GM Diet is not meant for Pregnant ladies, children and people with medical conditions.

GM diet

My Expectations from GM Diet

I expected 3 kgs weight loss. People generally claim to lose 5-7 kgs of weight. But I did it for detox i.e to flush out toxins from my body. I was taking Green Tea all 7 days which is not mentioned in the GM Diet.You can read about its benefits here.

Also, I was not going to skip my iron and Biotin tablets also not compromising with my Breakfast tea since this diet anyway will cause me headache.  1 cup tea was allowed :P. No more cheating , I promised to myself 🙂

Have you tried GM diet before ? Please let us know and share your weight loss journey with us.

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