The Hills Are Finally Turning Green


We’ve gotten a disappointing amount of rain so far this year, about 2 1/4 inches total according to my rain gauge. We’ve gotten multiple storms but no big “gully-washers” yet. Hopefully they’re coming soon, January is usually a wet month. Nevertheless, on a recent bike ride I noticed the hills are turning.

The grass in flatter pastureland is already a beautiful velvet green:

A pretty ranch off Willow Springs Road

And the hillsides are just starting to turn:

There is also still some late fall color, like in this small vineyard:

A fun thing around here is that for a brief time in January it can feel like fall and spring at the same time. There is some fall color left, but some early plants are beginning to flower, like Bailey Acacias (Acacia baileyana). I’ll try to get some pictures of that on future outings.