The secret dentist – what do you crave?



The secret dentist – what do you crave? 1

With consumption becoming a common indicator of success, The Secret Dentist encourages you not to get sucked in.

Every day you are bombarded with messages that imply you need to earn more money or do better than you currently are. Otherwise you are missing out on the latest whatever it might be.

Never a day goes by without some sort of social media post that seems to imply you are almost a failure because you haven’t done this or that. You need to do this course or that course. Or listen to these amazing people who made silk purses out of sows’ ears.

I liked the recent blog by dentist, Colin Campbell. He talked about money and sugar – pretty apt for the dental profession.

Money is like sugar. A little is too much, and then a lot is never enough. When we get near to getting enough though, it’s never enough.

And so, we need to be richer, or more beautiful, or consume more.

What is success?

Success seems to have become as much consumption as possible (demonstrated to our acquaintances). Combined with manufactured beauty that we can then share with others 24/7 at the flick of a thumb.

I would however, implore you not to let it suck you in.

Those from the profession on social media are only talking to themselves. They only represent 5-10% of the profession. The other 90-95% just get on with their lives.

Don’t let FOMO (fear of missing out) suck you in.

Be a healthcare professional. Look to care for your patients.

If you are stuck in a bit of a rut, particularly within the NHS, make your long-term plans to get out. If you seek to look after your patients in the long term, they will look after you.

Dentistry is not a sprint. It is an extremely long, slow race.

Make sure you make time for outside activities. Family, friends, sport, leisure.

As I mentioned in my blog last month, you will almost certainly be living and working longer than previous generations working in the profession.

Therefore make sure you crave the right things.

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