Corona Virus Or Covid-19; The Truth You Need To Know



Corona Virus Or Covid-19;

The Truth You Need To Know

With the ongoing lockdown situation nowadays, the most common thing that we hear all day is Corona Virus. The most upsetting word that has brought the entire nation to a halt is COVID-19. While on one side, the internet is filled with facts and figures, we are slowly realising that some of them can be really deceptive and scary. We at IWB decided to help our readers get out of stressfull thoughts thus here we are with facts about ‘Corona Virus Or Covid-19; The Truth You Need To Know’.

Fear of testing Positive-

Interestingly for once after a long time in our lives the word ‘Positive’ has arrived with such a negative and depressing feel. But let us assure you, take a dep breath, if you are tested positive with coronavirus, it does not mean that you are going to die. Most of the patients recover as the death rate is only 3%. So, this is just a form of mild illness. But that doesn’t mean we stop being safe.

Which mask to use and Why?

Truth about coronavirusWearing a mask can actually be helpful but only when you make proper use of it, your mouth as well as your nose should be covered as that is from where the particles enter our body. Oh yes another fact is that you do not require N95 masks unless you are in the front line of action. For your personal safety, even using a dupatta to cover nose and mouth is also enough.

Time to brush up hygiene etiquettes

While coughing or sneezing, it is in basic hygiene etiquette that you should use a handkerchief or a tissue. If it is done bare handedly, then you should thoroughly wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap before touching anything.

When to visit the Corona center?

If you think that you are  infected or you need medical assistance, then you should immediately visit the nearest  corona center near you. There also, maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from everyone.

You should always tell the doctors about any previous illness that you have like diabetes, high blood pressure etc. Another important thing is do not ever hide your travel history.

What will be the treatment like?

You should be ready to face a lot of tests which might involve processes like taking a throat and nasal swabs. A number of blood tests are also to be conducted but as we said, that is the duty of the doctors so you don’t have to bother about it. Just report your case and chill.

Why panic?

covid 19

If your test comes out to be positive, do not PANIC. You should trust your doctors and more importantly don’t fall prey to any whatsapp forwards.

Why self isolate?

The most important element is to be in self isolation or home quarantine. You’ll recover in a few days from being under observation.

Some more truths to ease you…

  • In some cases, people complain of shortage of breath or difficulty in breathing. In this case, you might be put on ventilators in the ICU. But this all is for your betterment only. So relax and be positive.
  • If you are told to stay at home, you should religiously follow that because it is your own benefit as well as the ones in your surrounding.
  • Drink enough water and consume fresh fruits.
  • Keep a constant note of your temperature.
  • Stay in an isolated room and sanitize your room well.
  • If you are not seeing any betterment, visit your doctor at once.
  • The symptoms along with the travel history shall be considered to reach a conclusion.
  • The virus once entered in your body, remains for a period maximin of 28 days, the symptoms can be seen anywhere in between 7-14 days.

Our Take:

This is a precise description as to what coronavirus is about. You are requested not to believe in rumours. Only reliable resources should be considered. So, Stay Safe inside your houses. Do not unnecessarily go outside and then blame the police for doing their job efficiently. Take care! Remember ….

I save you, you save me.

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