Health And The Vaccine



Health And The Vaccine 1

As always, we at IM5 put it out there for you to make a conscious decision of what you want and what you do not want to do as an individual. First, lets just say that the vaccine and physical body health is one in the same weather you want too acknowledge that or not, your choice. The IM5 family focuses on the the body and health, let me just say on this subject of vaccination or no vaccination. We as human beings spend a lifetime of putting shit!!! into our bodies, some more or less than others. Just to clarify, shit is a detox discharge of the body. We smoke, we do Vap’s when the surgeon general puts a warning sticker on the package stating this can kill you. We take steroids which in the long term we know will kill you, and not to mention about alcohol too and the fucked up food we put into our bodies over a lifetime which has a part in determining your bodies longevity in the end. But you have a problem with a vaccine that will stop you from dyeing and protect others around you. REALLY!!! Until next time stay healthy and give 100% and stay at your best.