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International Women's Day WEGO Health

Today is International Women’s Day – so I decided to take a look at what that really means. I was about 60 seconds into a Google search when I saw one of those pre-loaded search queries:

“Why do we need International Women’s Day?”


Google, of course, dutifully answered, quoting an obscure but spot-on source “Every year, around the world, March 8 is marked as International Women’s Day. It’s a time to recognize female trailblazers, to agitate for political change, to connect with women’s history and to take action for gender equality. … In 2021, then, International Women’s Day is desperately needed.”

Of course, we should not need International Women’s Day, any more than we should even have to say Black Lives Matter. Gender equality and racial justice should be ingrained in the world by now, damn it.

But as BigIssue tells us, International Women’s Day is – still – desperately needed. And at WEGO Health, we try every day to show the world that women are leaders, role models, trailblazers and every bit the equal of any man. Three out of four members of our executive leadership team are women (I’m the fourth), and I challenge anyone to find a more capable group of professionals. Fully 80% of our full-time team are women, and our company culture is so strong we were named an MM+M Best Place to Work this year.

WEGO Health’s success, driven by successful women (and the men who know damn well they are equals), is also a reflection of our inspiring network of over 100,000 Patient Leaders. Our members are advocates, collaborators and influencers helping as many others as they can – and by last estimate, approximately 75% of our members are women. Is it really a surprise that so many women would use their personal drive and passion to selflessly support others, even as they often battle serious illness themselves?

On this International Women’s Day, I salute all the women of WEGO Health. Together, let’s continue to show the world the power of real equality.

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