Thursday Thoughts



Hi friends. I hope your week is going well! I feel like I have quite a few random tangents to share, so I popped them all into this post!

– It’s bananas to believe we’re hitting 9 weeks tomorrow, which also means 9 weeks of no childcare. I absolutely love spending this time with the girls, but I also enjoy working in blocks of time that are greater than 30 minutes, ya know? To be totally honest, I’m not even sure how comfortable I feel about going back to school in the fall at this point. I’d love to hear fellow parents’ thoughts about this whole thing.

What’s your strategy for the rest of the summer since camps are closed (and I don’t even think I’d be ready to send them if they were open)? I’m feeling like as things open up over the next month, I may explore having a nanny come over a few mornings each week (our beloved babysitter moved during all of this) just so I can be more efficient with work and not feel like I’m scrambling. I’m hoping that all of this will feel a little easier once we finish up distance learning in the next couple of weeks.

– I’m venturing out into the world today for the first time by myself…. to head to the dentist! I’m strangely excited about it. Dentist was #1 on my list, then eyebrows, then hair. What’s on your list of places you want to go first?!

– If you haven’t seen Never Have I Ever on Netflix yet, watch it. SO good. The Pilot and I blasted through the entire season this week after the kiddos were asleep.

Thursday Thoughts 1

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– Wanted to share this cute shirt I ordered from Real Housewives of Fighter Pilots. The Pilot saw me wearing it and was like, “Is that your actual head on the shirt?” It’s not, but our pineapple buns are equally intense. Thursday Thoughts 2

– This is an aloe plant from the yard that I’ve been using for a mysterious rash that started to appear a couple of weeks ago. Spoiler alert: it’s done nothing.

Thursday Thoughts 3

The rash was spreading all over my torso, arms, neck, and top of my legs and was starting to concern me. My NP thought it might be something called pityriasis rosea (love that the word “pity” is in there), which is a completely harmless pain. I ended up getting some blood work done to rule out any abnormalities and also ended up getting swabbed for “the virus.” (A few sources have advised against spelling out the full name so that blog posts like this don’t interfere with the SEO for true data and science-driven articles.) Recent studies in Italy have suggested a correlation with spontaneous rashes, and combined with the Pilot’s work and fact that he’s been to areas with high case numbers in the past month, they thought it was a good idea to simply check.

The swab was no big deal (and I’m a giant weenie) and thankfully, the results were negative. My NP recommended calling my dermatologist to see what they thought about the rash, and they did a quick telehealth session with me and verified that it’s likely pityriasis rosea. If you’ve ever had it (I’m SORRY!), please let me know that this does indeed go away. Word on the street is that once you’ve had it, you don’t have it again, and thankfully, it’s not contagious.

– We dropped off a meal for a friend who had a baby last weekend! They’re mostly Paleo, so I made Ina Garten’s lemon roasted skillet chicken (the best roast chicken), mashed sweet potatoes,Thursday Thoughts 4

a chopped salad, lactation cookies, and almond butter brownies. It was so good to see their sweet baby from afar and chat in the driveway for a little bit. <3 Thursday Thoughts 5

I feel like since I’ve been cooking so many meals lately (all the meals + like 18 snacks per child), I haven’t really enjoyed cooking lately… it’s been more of the means to an end, ya know? I really enjoyed putting that meal together and it brought some life back into the kitchen. I got some sourdough starter from a friend and am excited to make our first loaves tomorrow now that flour is available again.

Thank you for reading this dose of randomness. 🙂 I’d love to hear how you’re feeling and doing today.

Hope you have a happy Thursday and I’ll see ya soon.



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