Tips to sleep better during COVID-19 lockdown



Tips To Sleep Better

During COVID-19 Lockdown

COVID-19 lockdownOn World Health Day we saw a post by actress Richa Chadha where she talks about waking up at night due to anxiety, “Like so many people, I had been waking up with ANXIETY in the first week of this lockdown… I would get up and immediately check the death toll from this lethal virus and feel extremely sad ☹.” Yes we agree as it is happening with many of us. The real stress that coronavirus has given us amidst staying locked in our respective homes is the stress related to uncertainty of life in general.

At this crucial time, it is common to have anxiety and sleeping disorders. Sleep is basically the reversible state marked by loss of consciousness to our respective surroundings. Due to the prevailing conditions many of us are having sleeping issues as our minds are stressed all the time, but the most important thing that we need nowadays is sound sleep. Let’s have a look at various tips to have a better sleep.

Tips to sleep better during COVID-19 lockdown

During daytime

Follow a similar routine:

This starts off with getting up at the same time everyday. The same waking time helps regulate the body clock. Along with this all the other regular practices of the day including eating, exercising should be followed to maintain a routine. Being actively arranged in one or the other task is essential in this period so that the body remains energised.

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The morning natural sunlight:

Apart from shifting from your bed to the couch, you should get some morning light. Light is basically the main controller of the body clock so exposure to that is a must. Natural sunlight is the best way to expose yourself, the minimum time of exposure should be at least 20 minutes.


exercise during covid-19

Exercising during the course of the day helps to enjoy quality sleep at night, reduce the stress levels and it also alleviates the mood. Virtual sessions should be taken up in this time of lockdown.

Leave your bed during the day:

Tips to sleep better during COVID-19 lockdown 2

This is the most common thing that is happening nowadays that people do not move from their beds during the day. This can be highly avoided. Even if you want to take a nap during the day time, it should be kept as short as 30 minutes.

Tips for night to have a better sleep:

Avoid caffeine before sleep:

effects of coffee

This might be a difficult thing for all those caffeine addicts who are working from home. Remember this lockdown can be used as a good time to detox.

Bedtime should be free from electronic devices:

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All the news channels and the use of mobile phones should be prohibited at least one hour before bedtime. The news channels tend to keep repeating the same news the entire day which not only increases the stress but also makes us uncertain about the future. You should switch off the television and stop using your mobile phones to have peace of mind for proper sleep.

Sleep at the same time everyday:

Similarly as waking up at the same time is necessary the same follows for the bedtime. When your brain is sleepy, it cannot function properly leading to unrest. Thus, you should practise sleeping at the same time everyday. Alcohol consumption at night should also be avoided, although it leads to sleep but also engages us in sleep disorders at the same time.

Reduce stress and stop thinking unnecessarily:

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Relaxation techniques such as yoga and meditation should be followed to be calm. At this time of pandemic, keeping calm is the most difficult thing but one should not create panic rather all the preventive measures should be followed cautiously.

Our take on Tips to sleep better during COVID-19 lockdown

All the above mentioned tips can help you enjoy sound sleep during the present stressful times. This time is crucial for all of us and we should be highly focused to maintain a positive environment around us rather than panicking over unnecessary elements.

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