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Top 10 | Best in Show: YouTube 1

The 2019 WEGO Health Awards turned out to be our biggest celebration yet! With over 6k nominations and 130k endorsements, we were able to celebrate more Patient Leaders than ever before.

The program celebrates the top 5 finalists in each of the 15 WEGO Health Awards categories, but with so many nominations, it’s nearly impossible to shine a bright light on all these deserving nominees! In hopes of recognizing even more nominees, we’ve compiled the Top 10 Patient Leaders in each category based on community endorsements.

WEGO Health Awards Best in Show: YouTube Award

The Best in Show: Youtube category highlights the individuals and teams who’s videos are at the core of their advocacy. Whether they capture their day to day lives, offer how-to videos, highlight resources, or educate and raise awareness, they’re engaging followers through creative but informational content. As of 2019, 80% of global internet consumption is video. So if you have yet to bring your advocacy to video, maybe you want to get inspired by these Top 10 Best in Show: YouTubers.

Top 10 | Best in Show: YouTube 2

The Aspie World | Asperger’s Syndrome Patient Leader

2019 Best in Show: YouTube Winner

Dan is a YouTuber from the UK who aims to educate others about Asperger’s and Autism. His high-energy and often entertaining videos are well-received by his over 115K subscribers.

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Top 10 | Best in Show: YouTube 3

Asa Maass | Autism Patient Leader

2019 Best in Show: YouTube Finalist

“I’m a dad, husband, video creator, and autism advocate. I started my YouTube channel FatheringAutism almost 3 years ago. My intention was to spread awareness and acceptance while making the world a softer place to land for my nonverbal autistic daughter Abbie. Looking around the internet I found so many amazing mothers advocating for their children but not many dads sharing their story. I decided to make it a point to break the stigma that parenting responsibilities in a special needs family falls mainly on the mom.”

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Top 10 | Best in Show: YouTube 4

Violin MD | Healthcare Patient Leader

2019 Best in Show: YouTube Finalist

Siobhan is a violinist turned doctor who uses YouTube to share an inside look at practicing medicine. Her videos often educate in an accessible way about health and wellness.

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Top 10 | Best in Show: YouTube 5

Priscilla Maass | Autism Patient Leader

2019 Best in Show: YouTube Finalist

“12 years ago my daughter was diagnosed with ASD. Like most parents do, we were instant advocates for our child working to ensure a quality future for her. 3 years ago my husband had this crazy idea that our family could also advocate for others by sharing our day to day lives as an autism family. What started with a small YouTube channel has grown into a social media presence that helps hundreds of thousands of people around the world. I am personally able to form bonds with fellow autism moms and give experience and advice on navigating through things like puberty, meltdowns, bad days, and good ones. I stress the importance of not allowing a bad moment to define your day or a diagnosis to define your life. I help other moms to realize the importance of taking time for themselves and how that makes you a better caregiver.”

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Top 10 | Best in Show: YouTube 6

Christa Holmans – Neurodivergent Rebel | Autism Patient Leader

2019 Best in Show: YouTube Finalist

“I don’t think being autistic makes me defective or broken. I believe that I have a different type of mind, that allows me to view the word with unique and fresh perspective. This idea is controversial, because, autistic people also have weaknesses. Despite my difficulties, I LOVE being autistic and would never want to give it up. Follow me to find out how autism isn’t what most people think it is.”

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Top 10 | Best in Show: YouTube 7

Amy Lee Fisher | Chronic Illness Patient Leader

“I suffer with chronic illness but I’m determined not let it get in the way of doing what i love! I LOVE spreading awareness about chronic illness & I LOVE making videos and even better I love making them for you guys and watching you all enjoy them!”

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Top 10 | Best in Show: YouTube 8

Michaela Davert | Osteogenesis Imperfecta Patient Leader

“As a society, I’ve noticed and learned we view disability and other health conditions as a tragedy and sadness. As I begin to notice this more and more, I wanted to continue my advocacy work in a way that would reach more people. This is when I started my YouTube channel, FunsizedStyle. I wanted to share the joy that I have for life not in spite of, but because of my disability. On my channel, I do educational videos about my disability and other health conditions I have to teach others. And I enjoy educating those about my health. My hope is that my platform is a way to let others know who are experiencing similar challenges, that they have a purpose and have so much to offer. I also use my platform in an additional avenue of advocacy besides just my health. I hope to be a new face to the beauty and fashion industry. Many strides have been made to showcase women in the beauty and fashion industry with disabilities, but there is still a long way to go.”

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Top 10 | Best in Show: YouTube 9

Carissa Barzee | Infertility Patient Leader

“My husband and I have been going through infertility for almost 5 years and we have shared it on social media for over 2 years. We have done multiple fertility treatments (meds & ti, IUI, and IVF). We have also experienced the heartbreak of child loss twice. Our biggest goal is to help others feel less alone, educate in the best way we can, while also sharing that you can still find joy in the journey. We are sooo grateful to have a platform and to be a voice for others.”

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Top 10 | Best in Show: YouTube 10

Our LANDing Crew – Stephanie Pesterfield | Autism Patient Leader

“We are a down to earth large family of 8. We show what it’s like to be a special needs family while tackling homeschooling, autism, mom life, cleaning, and family fun.”

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Top 10 | Best in Show: YouTube 11

Kelsey Ohs | Cerebral Palsy Patient Leader

“I believe that having a child with a disability has been the greatest privilege I’ve ever been entrusted with. I dedicate time in my busy schedule to share with the world that although life with a disabled child is hard work, it’s not all that bad – in fact, it’s the greatest journey of my life.”

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Top 10 | Best in Show: YouTube 12

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