Top 5 tips to cook better with less supplies during lock down



Top 5 tips to cook better with less supplies during lock down

Since our Prime Minister has called out for a nation wide lockdown 2.0 as a preventive measure against the COVID-19, the crucial time calls for the best possible management of the groceries that we have on our shelves. The government has promised to provide the essential services no matter what but it is advised to stay inside our houses as much as possible so as to reduce the risk of infection to ourselves and other people around us too. The need of the hour is that we use the supplies available to us in the best efficient manner to make them last long. The two basics we must follow is are;

1. Cook fresh

2. Cook less

The food quantity should be limited and the focus should be on making the food healthier by cooking fresh in required quantity. Let’s look at the Top 5 tips to cook better with less supplies during lock down.

Parboil and store veggies

Top 5 tips to cook better with less supplies during lock down

Vegetables like cauliflower can be bought in bulk and then stored in the freezer for future use. Aim being not to go out in unsafe areas often. So like me you too can parboil cauliflower florets in salted water and store in freezer. I plan to use it for vegetable pulao, pao bhaji or other options. Smart right!

Pickle up your vegetables


This is the way to increase the shelf life of your vegetables. There are certain vegetables that won’t last long, this is what you can do to make them survive for weeks to come. Almost every vegetable can be pickled up, thus increasing their shelf life. The magic ingredients are mustard powder, spices and the most important of all, salt and vinegar.

Your very own Khichdi

dalia khichdi

This is everyone’s go to meal at the end of the day. Each one of you out there must have their own versions of how they like their khichdi, but basically it’s just a soupy mix of dal and rice. Simply put the ingredients into the cooker and wait for the whistle to blow. You can enjoy your meal with some pickles too. Lesser cooking utensils for washing later on is an added advantage.

Soya Chunks

Top 5 tips to cook better with less supplies during lock down 1

This is what is popularly known as the chicken for the vegetarians. But in the present day scenario they fit in perfectly because these are not perishable so you don’t need to worry about them rotting plus they add the best texture in our meals.Simply soak them in water and add the spices later. There you’ll have the best meal.

Mug Muffin/ Egg muffins


The most common issue that bothers all those who have a sweet tooth locked inside is that they need something to feed upon. So, with the help of a microwave, you can get a muffin in simply 5 minutes. Just add maida or atta, cocoa, sugar, milk and baking powder and cook it for a minute or two. There you’ll have your cravings at rest.

For healthy eaters, a perfect breakfast or light dinner choice can be these egg muffins (find recipe here)

Our Take

In this time of Corona pandemic, we need to make the most judicious use of the resources that we have in our kitchens rather than rushing out for small things. This is the time we make the best use of the easily available. Above mentioned are some ideas to follow, hope you will enjoy that.

Remember; You protect me, I protect you. Stay safe, Stay home!