Top 60 Foods That Burn Belly Fat



Top 60 Foods That Burn Belly Fat 1

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Top 60 Foods That Burn Belly Fat 2

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Top 60 Foods That Burn Belly Fat 3

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We can all agree that one of the most difficult things about dieting is the idea of not being able to enjoy our favorite meals. 


In all the successful fitness plans out there, the main emphasis continues to be on the same two things; diet and exercise. 


Even in these two, there seems to be a justifiable bias towards diet. This is because there is a significant amount of truth to it. 


There’s no better way to burn belly fat than to eat healthily. 


We do become what we eat, to the point that it starts to change the color of our skin. Eating enough carrots will eventually cause your skin to turn yellow.

Similarly, eating enough calories will result in excessive visceral fat. Whereas, eating foods that burn belly fat such as the ones in this post will help you lose belly fat quickly. 


It’s no secret that having a healthy diet routine is mandatory for anyone who aims to lose weight. 


Since there’s more at stake than just our unpleasant appearance, we shouldn’t compromise on the amount of effort and dedication we put into the task. 


To help you attain your weight loss goals, here are the top 60 foods to burn belly fat:

20 Whole Foods to Lose Belly Fat:

Whole Food

When we say whole foods, we refer to edibles that have either not been processed at all or have gone through minimal processing. These foods remain close to their original and natural state. 


Little to no sugar, starch or flavorings are added to whole foods, making them an effective belly fat burner. 


While it’s plausible to consider fruits and vegetables as whole foods themselves, we are going to separate the three for the purpose of providing you with clear options of foods to eat to lose weight in the stomach


Not only are these a great source of vitamins, but they are prominent sources of fiber, protein, and essential fats. 


Compared with canned and processed foods, these prove to be very effective against visceral fat deposits throughout the body. 


Moreover, whole grains can help you to lose belly fat because of their antioxidant composition, enhancements to digestion and stability of sugar levels. 


This proves that you need this in your diet to lose belly fat. 


The best part about whole foods is that you don’t need to make a lot of effort to eat them. Since they are readily available and easily cooked, you can find them everywhere you go. 


For all those who deny themselves healthy food based on the excuse that nothing’s available, whole foods tend to be truthfully sour. 


Not only are they effective as part of a belly fat diet, but they’re also readily available everywhere. 


However, you can rest assured that your taste buds will find them delicious after a few days. Considering the results this will help you achieve, you might never want to switch back again. 


Nutritionists and dieticians have performed relevant studies, analyses and experiments to observe the effectiveness of whole foods on the human body


The purpose was to identify the best foods that burn stomach fat. 


Swapping refined wheat bread for whole-grain wheat bread proved to be more effective in a study that involved 50 people observed over a period of 12 weeks. 


Research has also revealed that whole foods reduce our overall appetite. Therefore, it’s safe to say that they stop us from feeding ourselves too much. 


Here’s a list of whole foods you can switch to:

Whole FoodsServing SizeCaloriesFatsCarbs
  1. Oats
    (only whole oats, not instant ones) 
0.25 cup1523g26g
  1. Buckwheat
    (a bowl with low-fat cheese for breakfast and/or lunch)
0.5 cup771g17g
  1. Cooked or Boiled Quinoa (Pilaf, Mexican Quinoa, Veggie burgers, etc.)
0.5 cup1112g20g
  1. Matcha Tea
0.5 cup901g22g
  1. Sprouted Bread 
1 slice1480g32g
  1. Guacamole
1 serving513g5g
  1. Eggs (as snacks, breakfasts or lunch)
1 egg725g0g
  1. Peanuts (boiled, roasted or raw)
0.25 cup503g3g
  1. Salmon (preferably wild or baked)
3 ounce-weight1566g0g
  1. Sauerkraut
0.5 cup220g5g
  1. Lentils (boil dry lentils in cups of water)
0.5 cup1150g20g
  1. Apple Cider Vinegar (1-2 tbsp. Mixed with water)
1 tbsp70g2g
  1. Beans (garbanzo, black beans, etc.)
0.5 cup1140g20g
  1. Skyr (Icelandic varieties preferred)
6 ounce (170g)1100.3g4g
  1. Garlic (raw garlic with water in the morning with lemon juice)
1 garlic40g1g
  1. Cottage Cheese (low sodium varieties with seeds or chopped nuts)
0.5 cup973g4g
  1. Barley (around 3 servings a day)
0.75 cup3832g83g
  1. Soy Milk 
1 serving732g10g
  1. Cayenne (seasoning)
1 serving10g0g
  1. Gochujang
1 tbsp451g10g


20 Fruits To Reduce Lower Belly Fat:


We all have heard about how an apple keeps the doctor away. This figure of speech is true if you generalize the statement to all fruits


Vital for the best diet to burn belly fat, fruits make up important minerals, nutrients and vitamins that are prerequisites for a strong immune system and a physically fit body. 


Not only do fruits help you reduce the risk of heart diseases, but they’re also great to prevent or treat diabetes. 


As one of the largest sources of natural sugar, fruits are the most delicious diet-friendly whole foods that you can have. 


The presence of antioxidants like catechins and fibers only adds to the healthy benefits of consuming fruits on a daily basis. 


This is a necessary element for any effective diet to burn belly fat. 


Fruits tend to be dense in nutritional value. This means that there are few calories but a lot of vitamins, minerals, and deposits of fiber in every fruit. 


Even eating one fruit every time you cross your kitchen counter can be one of the many great healthy eating habits to have


One orange alone can sufficiently cater to your body’s need for Vitamin C. Suffice it to say, it’s a great fruit that burns belly fat. 


8 bananas in a whole day will fulfill your body’s requirement for potassium, which is vital for the functioning of the nerves, heart, and muscles. Additionally, bananas are great belly fat burners.


Studies have even shown fruits to be effective in the prevention of diseases like cancer while also improving gut health and reducing appetite. 


In order to create a calorie deficit, you will need to replace your current belly fat diet plan with healthy fruits. 


Since fiber and water content are present in fruit, we feel full after eating them. This is because fiber moves through the body very slowly. This also results in a longer digestion time.


Research involving more than 130,000 people over a 24-year long period revealed the astonishing effects of apples and berries on weight loss


Other studies have also proved how fruit-based diets are not only fulfilling, but also greatly reduce calorie intake. Resultantly, these become ideal foods to flatten the stomach


Here’s an exhaustive list of fruits you can eat for your weight loss goals:

FruitsServing SizeCaloriesFatsCarbs
  1. Apple
1 each950g25g
  1. Tomato
1 each180g4g
  1. Kiwi
2 each901g20g
  1. Peaches
1 each590g14g
  1. Watermelons
0.5 cup230g6g
  1. Avocados
1 each32229g17g
  1. Persimmons
1 ounce-weight900g24g
  1. Oranges
1 each620g15g
  1. Guava
1 each371g8g
  1. Blueberries
0.5 cup420g11g
  1. Raspberries
0.5 cup320g7g
  1. Pineapple
0.5 cup990g26g
  1. Pears
1 each1030g28g
  1. Grapefruit (4”)
0.5 each 410g10g
  1. Coconuts
2 tbsp353g2g
  1. Lemons
1 each170g5g
  1. Tart Cherries
0.33 cup1400g33g
  1. Muskmelons
0.5 cup27.30g0g
  1. Bananas
1 each1050g27g
  1. Mangoes
0.5 cup500g12g


20 Vegetables That Help in Getting Rid of Belly Fat 


Almost like fruits, you can rely on the majority of the vegetables around you to be some of the best belly fat burners


Think of it this way, eating cucumbers is way more effective than eating crackers anytime. 

That’s because each cucumber has more volume and satiety without the calories of the cracker. 


Powerful antioxidants, vitamins and phytochemicals are present in vegetables, particularly orange and yellow ones. 


Research proves that orange and yellow groups of vegetables are especially effective in reducing chances of heart diseases, cancer, sun damage, cognitive aging and improving eye health. 


Aside from being an effective way to burn belly fat, eating greens is also a great way to prevent problems.


You can eat corn, carrots, summer squash, sweet potatoes, yellow and orange peppers, and yellow tomatoes to enjoy the nutritional value. 


Rich in vitamin C, these veggies will also reduce stress hormones and oxidative stress as well. This will inevitably help prevent your body from storing belly fat


Just because you’re going vegetarian or vegan doesn’t mean you’re entirely fitness-oriented. 


High-calorie dishes like pasta are classified as vegan dishes but come under the list of foods you need to avoid to lose belly fat.


To clarify, let’s take a look at the vegetables that you should refer to when you’re looking for the best foods to lose belly fat


VegetablesServing SizeCaloriesFatsCarbs
  1. Spinach
1 cup70g1g
  1. Kale
0.5 cup180g4g
  1. Lettuce
1 cup100g2g
  1. Mushrooms
0.5 cup100g2g
  1. Beets
0.5 cup370g8g
  1. Cauliflower
0.5 cup130g3g
  1. Broccoli
0.5 cup270g6g
  1. Turnip greens
0.5 cup140g3g
  1. Crimini Mushrooms 
1 each40g1g
  1. Romaine Lettuce
1 cup80g2g
  1. Fennel
0.5 cup130g3g
  1. Bell Peppers
0.5 cup150g3g
  1. Sea Vegetables
    (Seaweed, kelp)
1 ounce-weight681g11g
  1. Eggplant
0.5 cup100g2g
  1. Cabbage
1 each20g0g
  1. Pumpkin seeds
0.25 cups18016g3g
  1. Chilies (vegetable, peppers chilies & onions)
1 side1100g24g
  1. Asparagus
0.5 cup130g3g
  1. Beans (mature roman)
0.5 cup1200g22g
  1. Cucumbers (with skin)
0.5 cup80g2g


Before You Begin

There’s no belly fat diet plan that doesn’t incorporate the above-mentioned foods. Design your own meal plan to burn belly fat after considering your BMI and preferred goals. Consult dieticians and nutritionists who’ll analyze your situation and design a customized plan for your needs. Keep in mind that you’ll have to keep exercising accordingly to maximize results. 


Without exercise, the body will inevitably turn the excess energy that you’re not utilizing into more fat. 


This is why it’s important that you work out and consider doing so with clear goals in mind. Try going for something that makes you want to make an effort and change things. 


For example, for many people, there’s a specific dress that they just can’t fit in now. For others, do anything that will motivate or convince you to go for workouts


An instance of this can be choosing your favorite gym workout tops, joggers and accessorizing yourself with all the latest gadgets. 


This way, you’ll be making an investment and therefore, a commitment to lose lower stomach fat


After that, it’s all on you. Make sure that you’re not cheating on your routine and the quality of food you’re consuming is top-notch.