Top 7 weight loss supplements we must have



Top 7 weight loss supplements we must have

Let’s admit, we get impatient sometimes and depressed a lot of times during our weight loss journey. We need all the motivation to help us keep going.  I have faced plateaus when I don’t shed a gram, although I sweat my life out! Then, the churning wheels of my brain go cranky 😛 The majority of the times when I have faced this situation and I go for checkups, I get to know I have messed up with something or the other. You see, our bodies are really complex. We need more if we sweat more, it’s as simple as that!

Last time I remember when my weight loss stopped, I realized I was anemic and then I gained weight more than the speed of rocket 🙁 So when trying to lose weight, you should never miss out on the nutrients your body needs!

Below are the best 7 weight loss supplements which I feel help and are a must to have. No, I am not talking about any magical pills that people claim to have used and they shed some 30 kgs of weight and 20 years of life :P. I don’t believe in them!

So, Let’s talk about Top 7 Weight Loss Supplements everyone must try.

top 7 weight loss supplements

  1. Omega -3 fish oil capsules –

If you are a strict veggie, give it a skip. One of my doctor friends said many people are deficient in Omega -3. Omega-3 causes fat burning.

2. Vitamin B –

These help in increasing metabolism, promoting cell growth, and healthy skin. Must have!

3. Multi-Vitamin –

The body’s efficiency to burn fat increases when you take a multivitamin. You need more multivitamins if your lifestyle is active. This helps a lot in burning belly fat. If your multivitamin supplement has enough Vitamin B, you can skip the latter.

4. Probiotics –

We have already discussed probiotics and our gut here. Probiotics are important for our immune system and healthy digestion. Since we have so much pesticide in veggies and fruits, the probiotics that we receive from them is not sufficient. Yakult is one easily available probiotic, I will write more about it soon. Curd is rich in probiotics and it is yummy too :). Try having curd, 2 small bowls with meals every day.

5. Protein powder – Protein powder is available in various varieties – soy, whey, etc. Whey is so far the most popular protein supplement. I found whey protein to be the most effective for me. Soy is not good for health, read here. While whey protein is one of the products from cheese manufacturing protein. Cheese is rich in protein. Whey proteins contain all the amino acids. This helps to do the following.

  • to improve our gut flora

  • to strengthen and repair muscles which is much needed when you work out

  • to improve metabolic rate and fat burning.

6. Green Tea / Chamomile tea – Rich in antioxidants, these boosts our immune system and makes us burn fat. Now it’s not mandatory to have green tea hot. I am not kidding :P. I take green tea in my water sipper to the gym and it works great. Gives me the energy I need in the gym! Chamomile tea is also a good option. It also rich in antioxidants and relaxes our bodies. You can have it at night too!

7. Fiber supplement – This is not very popular amongst common people. I know of a few sportspeople who take a fiber supplement. Fiber is extremely important for cleansing your body. It is said that we need 30-40 gms of fiber a day. I have not tried any fiber supplements to date. Have you?

That was my list of top 7 weight loss supplements, Are you using any other? Do share with us.

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