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Did you know that the food you consume determines your stress level? Consuming unhealthy and junk food on a regular basis will not only increase your stress levels but also lead to anxiety. However, there are foods that can help relieve you from stress and also keep you hale and hearty. This is one of the main reasons why dieticians and several mental health experts suggest people to consume healthy foods to stay fit as well as to achieve overall being.

Here are some foods that you should include in your diet if you are looking for ways to relieve yourself from stress:

#1 Herbal Tea

Herbal Tea

People have been using herbs for thousands of years to treat many health conditions. Scientific studies indicate that certain herbs may help to alleviate the symptoms of anxiety. Herbal tea also makes a great contribution in reducing as well as in eliminating stress. Mainly, adaptogens present in herbs help your body adapt to stress and work with your body to help find the perfect balance for you. Some help you to relax, some help you to sleep and some help prevent headaches.

They provide various nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants which are important to calm your mind and lighten up your mood. Herbal teas also contain essential oils that are known to cool down the nerve. In addition, these warm herbal teas improve blood circulation and boost the detoxification process in your body, which in turn improves your overall mood. Few herbal teas that will be your best companions are Kehwa,  Rose tea, Peppermint tea, Chamomile Tea, Sage Tea, and Holy Basil tea.

#2 Dark Chocolates

Dark chocolate

Dark Chocolates are found to be useful to improve your mood and relieve stress. When sugar levels of your body go below a certain level, you feel irritated and begin to stress your mind. Low sugar-level can be brought to normal by consuming foods that restore your blood-sugar-level. Dark chocolates are rich in a class of antioxidants called flavonoids which helps improve insulin sensitivity, blood pressure, and overall mood. Studies have shown that consuming 40g of dark chocolate a day would be more than enough to keep you happy and free from any kind of stress.

#3 Whole Grains

whole grain

If you are looking for the ingredients that must be included in your everyday meal, then one of the most important ingredients are whole grains. They are rich in complex carbohydrates and provide the body with the required energy to your mind and body, but it will also control the hormones that make you feel stressed. Your focus as well as concentration while performing a particular task will also be enhanced since the whole grains increases the levels of serotonin in your body.

If you can consume the foods which add fibers along with your carbohydrates in your meal, then this combination can be quite beneficial in relieving stress. Some of the examples of such food products include cooked potato, millets, whole grain, and brown rice.

#4 Avocados


Omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin B in avocados are responsible for giving your mind relief from stress. Vitamin B6 helps the body make several neurotransmitters, including serotonin, which influences a positive mood. Deficiencies of these vitamins have been linked to increased anxiety in some people. Avocados are rich in stress-relieving B6 vitamins and heart-healthy fats that may help to lessen anxiety. It is medically proven that avocados can relieve stress. Several health problems, such as high blood pressure and obesity, can also be regulated by consuming avocados.

#5 Fish


We all know that eating fish can make your heart healthy. Apart from this, the presence of omega-3s in fish can also help you to reduce inflammation, anxiety, and eliminate stress from your mind. Several nutrients present in the seafood will interact with the neurons in your brain and make you feel a lot better.  In addition, oily fish can block and, in some cases, counteract stress biomarkers as well. Oily fish like tuna, salmon, and sardines are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which help fight inflammation, a common result of stress, and they have a good variety of vitamins that keep the body strong and enhance the brain’s functioning power.

#6 Warm Milk

Warm milk

It may sometimes happen that you are unable to sleep because of the stress. Lack of sleep can make the conditions worse. Consuming a small cup of warm milk before going to bed helps a lot. Milk boasts of the ingredient – tryptophan, an essential amino acid, which is a key ingredient in making serotonin. The milk sugars, like all carbohydrates, act on serotonin in the brain which helps in a better sleep cycle. Moreover, warm milk makes your body relaxed and keeps your mind calm. The calcium present in the milk not only helps in keeping up your bone density, but it also gives strength to your muscles which will, in turn, relieve stress.

#7 Nuts


Nuts are small in size but have several nutrients embedded in them. Stress can mostly be caused due to the absence of vitamins and healthy fatty acids. The lack of these elements can be fulfilled by consuming a good amount of nuts. Studies have proved that consuming nuts will not only relieve stress but also keep your body’s blood pressure in control.

#8 Seasonal Fruits

Seasonal fruits

Amongst the several benefits of the fruits, one of the major ones is that consuming seasonal fruits helps in eliminating stress from your mind. Fruits, especially the ones which have a rich content of citric acid will help you to fight stress. They contain flavonoids and other essential vitamins and nutrients that are required by your mind to function properly.

Apart from fruits, you should also consume a good amount of green leafy vegetables for they help keep the mind sharp and increase the ability to deal with the toughest situations. Therefore, make sure to include seasonal fruits and leafy vegetables to relieve stress and build energy.

#9 Turmeric


Consuming turmeric not only heals your physical wounds but also heals you mentally. Turmeric can eliminate anxiety as well as stress by reducing inflammation. The reason behind anxiety and depression can be oxidative stress. One of the best ways to add turmeric to your diet is to have a cup of warm turmeric milk, popularly called the Golden drink to boost sleep, immunity, and kick stress away.


If you ensure consuming the above-discussed food products on a regular basis, relieving stress wouldn’t be tough to achieve. All the negative effects in your overall mood and behavior that occur due to stress will also cease to exist. You will not only be able to live a happy and peaceful life, but a stress-free life too!

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