Top Abs Workout Mistakes To Avoid



Abs would not be so difficult to achieve if you were not making some mistakes along the way. Today you will know what those mistakes are and how to avoid those to get the perfect abs. Follow the guide and avoid these mistakes so in order to get the abs you always wanted. Despite all the guides, tips online, attention from trainers and fitness coaches people still make a lot of little mistakes that cause poor results. Now it is not entirely your mistake because some tips and tricks are vague, poor attention from a trainer and a combination of other things lead to all this. 

Doing crunches like a machine is not the way you would get perfectly toned abs, but unfortunately, this has been marketed for centuries and altered out thoughts accordingly. While gaining abs might be difficult but it surely is not that easy either. Without dragging this any further let’s cut to the chase and get straight into the abs workout mistakes and how to avoid them.

Overlooking the diet

Overlooking the diet

Have you ever seen someone eating more when they are trying to get abs? No, because this is not how these things work. First of all, the abs will not appear overnight so be patient and calm. Second, there is no magical food or workout that can help you get abs in days if you know such a thing let me know as well! Third, removal of the layers of fat on your body is the way to get abs. The diet has more impact on your body than a workout, it is half the struggle. If enough body fat is removed from the body only then the abs will reveal themselves. During the process of gaining abs, it is better if you completely cut off the fat, so that the body fat can burn quickly. Here is a guide to body type fats and how you can effectively get rid of them, have a look for a better understanding. 

Finding shortcuts 

These days there are far too many shortcuts and tricks that compel you to adopt them instead of going through the process properly and gaining the results for good. Every day you see thousands of advertisements stating that you will get fast results in a short time with minimum effort. It might work for some but bring disaster for most of us later in time. When it comes to exercise and our body better and long-lasting results need effort, hard work, consistency, and patience. Whether it be weight gain or loss be patient and consistent for prime results and achieve your goals. Becoming the prey of miracle supplements and steroids can destroy not only your body but your life. 

Avoid Shortcut Supplements

Shortcuts like sauna belt and mechanical muscle contraptions that let you think you are working out while sitting on the couch is just a waste of money and time. Besides everything you are just fooling yourself into buying those gadgets that they market and nothing else. If you ask me that is not a workout. You can think of it as a workout if you have no self-respect. The purpose of going for a workout and basically doing exertions is to adopt a fit and active lifestyle but that is of course not possible if you use these gadgets. So, you are not actually working out. 

The straight and simple solutions are to stop looking for shortcuts and gadgets like these and get you lousy ass up from the couch. Get a gym membership and be punctual. If sweating is your goal then wearing proper clothes, workout hoodies in winter will help you sweat more. Other things like caffeine can increase metabolism, protein shakes can help you gain weight are helping material. However, depending solely on these will not get the work done. 

Working out on the same pace

Working out on the same pace

Not increasing the workout intensity is also a common mistake seen among many men. With the passage of time as you change from one exercise to another the need for increasing the workout, the intensity is also essential for effective and desired results. Adding more weight or increasing the reps are few ways to increase the intensity while working on the same muscles. However, it is completely wrong that you have to do crunches at all. Abs can be gained without doing crunches. 

In addition, the same exercise won’t work for long because the body adapts to the routine after some time. And unless the intensity is not increased or you don’t change the workout it is just a waste of time. The abdominal muscles are just like any other muscle in the body, so, it means they just need a hard workout. But, because even a little amount of fat the body produces goes directly on the abdomen so it requires a strict diet and hard work out.

Not doing the right workouts

follow the right workouts

Doing pro-level workouts in the beginning and sticking to the basics when the pro workouts are needed is one of the most common abs workout mistakes. For a proper workout, you need to follow your instructor’s workout guidelines.

What you can simply do is focus on your exercise routine and try to increase your protein intake. Start from the beginner level and increase intensity while as you climb up the levels. There will be a time when crunches would be effective and you will be ready to do it properly. Swiss ball and pendulum legs are examples here are other best exercises to get the perfect abs, have a look and follow.

Regularly or continuous abs workout

continuous abs workout

Where does it say, the more exercise you do better the results would be? Remember, here we are talking about doing frequent and continuous abs workout. While this might be true in other aspects of life, this is not the case when it comes to exercise and workouts. Gains are made when you rest and sleeping is the time when the body rests well. So, first, you should make sure that the body is getting proper rest. Remember if you still have the energy to do one last set you are not done yet. We all want abs but getting eager and continuously working on them will not get the job done the right way. 

We recommend working for one muscle group in one day and shift to another the next day such that a muscle group gets at least two days of rest. We assure you great results rest assured you are doing everything right. With proper rest try not to work out on the abs more than thrice a week. Once or twice a week with proper diet, workout and rest will also give you effective results

Overlooking the body composition

Overlooking the body composition

Different body type requires different workouts, the workout that works for one might not work for you at all merely due to the fact. The point is, all of us have to work out and eat according to our body type. As you work out more and try to reduce the body fat it decreases, usually fitness fanatics have 10pc bodybuilders and people who fight competitions go further single digits. According to researchers, as less as 10% body fat is safe to be and with 12pc mark you can see the abs clearly, depending on body types. 

To keep the body fat to a safe limit you can ask the trainer or someone trusted to do a skinfold test. Search for it online and ask around for any precautionary measures beforehand. To lose fat you can do such workouts that focus on things like that. HIIT workouts and cardio are said to burn fat food. During the process, it is better to avoid, deep-fried foods, sugary food and drinks, and other similar items that may cause the body to make more fat than you burn. High protein, and normal carbs with enough fiber intake while very low or no-fat intake are recommended while working for abs. 

Focusing merely on abs 

Focus on Abs

Keeping your focus merely on abs and not working on any other muscle will surely get you the abs you want but that will only be short-sighted. Plus, the body that is weak and skinny but has abs does not look appealing. If the beach body is what you are trying to achieve then the whole body has to be toned. On top of that, the muscular imbalance is something that is real and can happen if you are making such mistakes. Before getting six-pack abs you should focus on gaining appropriate muscle on the chest, shoulder, bisects, and don’t forget the legs. Then, after some time start working on abs alongside. This will enhance your overall strength and enhance the look. 

Not working out properly

Abs Workout

Sadly, I have to say that some people have been working on their body for months and months, they have a good-looking body, but the problem is that they don’t do it right. Doing sets right but not actually focusing and targeting the abs is another most common mistake that we all make. Crunches and sit-ups are the most common example. See if your hip flexors are being worked on or the abs. Our goal is to focus and work on abs, not the glutes. To note things clearly, see what muscle is tired after you are doing working out. Slow your game enough to feel the tension on the muscle. You may even put your hand on the abs and then another muscle and feel the difference. Feel the contraction and relaxation as you workout slowly. Talk to your trainer and to get everything on track.