Top Benefits Of Limcee Tablet



Top Benefits Of Limcee Tablet

Top Benefits Of Limcee Tablet

You should ideally get your vitamins from the food you eat. However, some medical conditions will prevent your body from absorbing the right amount of vitamins. This is when vitamin supplements come in handy. However, Vitamin tablets are to be taken in advised doses, since a vitamin overdose can do more harm than good.

Limcee is a Vitamin C tablet available in India. It is available in a chewable form, which makes it fun to take. Just pop one in after dinner and you should be good for the day. So, is this tablet really necessary? I mean eating citrus fruits will take care of your daily Vitamin C needs right? So why don’t you just eat an orange or drink a glass of lemonade instead?

  • To keep your body in place:

Our body needs Vitamin C for multiple purposes, but none is as important as that to make a protein collagen. Collagen helps bind your tendons, ligaments, blood vessels, skin and other organs together- basically holds your body together. This is one of the reasons why bleeding gums is a prime symptom of Vitamin C deficiency.

  • It builds immunity:

Against most diseases and infections. Limcee actually helps heal any cuts and wounds faster by strengthening your immunity system and by improving your collagen production.

  • Helps relieve common cold:

Now, we are all aware that common cold has no cure (at least now you do), but your days spent in wetting the hanky will be reduced by a long run just by consuming Vitamin C tablets. It boosts your immunity, helping your body fend off the common cold virus. See supplement facts here;

limcee vitamin c supplement

  • Helps with stress:

Continual stress over a regular basis can lead to a lot of dangerous medical conditions which can harm you both physically and psychologically. Limcee can help keep your stress levels in check.

  • Use it as an antioxidant:

It prevents the growth of oxidative stress, more commonly known as cellular rust, which can lead to severe medical conditions such as atherosclerosis, which can be dangerous for the heart, and cause stroke.

  • Ensures proper blood flow:

It dilates your blood vessels and helps with an unobstructed blood flow. High cholesterol, BP, heart congestion and other heart related problems will constrict the blood vessels making it hard on the heart to pump blood continuously. A vitamin C intake will relax the blood vessels making blood flow easier throughout the body. (Read more about it here)

  • Weight loss:

Are you looking to lose weight? because this is how you lose weight. People always advise you to eat healthy if you are trying to lose weight- you know, fresh fruits and vegetables, do that an add a Limcee tablet once every couple of days or so. Vitamin C lowers insulin, hence instead of storing the sugar as fats they are instantly burned as fuel.

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  • Helps with better eyesight:

Vitamin C is great to keep your eyesight in good shape. Ever wondered why Bugs Bunny never wore glasses (except for that one episode where he reads a book, but those were just pretend glasses to divert the attention of Yosemite Sam, but I digress)? It’s because he was a cartoon character, but if he was a real person the answer would have been because he ate a ton of carrots. Carrots are high in vitamin C. Limcee tablets (Read a detailed review here) are prescribed for people with cataracts for this very reason; it clears away the cloudiness and helps better their vision.

Vitamin C is the king of all vitamins, it basically helps you improve your health on the whole and provides many benefits.

How about asking your doctor about benefits of Limcee tablets?