Top Do It Anywhere Belly Fat Exercises to Get Abs



Whether you’re trying to lose belly fat or trying to get abs, this is your guide for all the exercises that will help you do both.

Essentially every exercise that helps you burn calories and attain a deficit at the end of the day is a great exercise to lose belly fat.

Moreover, exercises will help you strengthen your muscles and eventually grant you the ‘shredded’ appearance, with massive chest and hard rock abs, something many people work out for.

Everything aside, it’s crucial that your diet is healthy and in accordance with belly fat researches.

Since 80% of your regimen’s chances of success depend upon it, ensuring healthy nutrition should be your top priority.

This will be necessary even with the best exercises to burn belly fat. Your efforts will inevitably be in vain if you don’t focus on your diet wholeheartedly.

Having clarified that, here are the top do it anywhere exercises to get abs as fast as possible:

Note: We highly recommend working out in proper



Planks have a fair reputation for being a tough but simple and effective home exercise for belly fat you can do anywhere you want.

Since it doesn’t require that much movement, you don’t even need to change for a simple plank.

While there are also other variations of the exercise that help you burn extra calories, let’s take a look at the plank exercises you can do anywhere to lose belly fat and get abs.

High Plank / Straight Arm Plank

Start by keeping your hands directly under your shoulders. You can begin by pushing yourself up in the right push-up position.

Try to keep your whole body in a straight line while keeping your abs contracted and your butt squeezed.

Hold this position for at least 30 seconds. If you can hold it easily till then, go for a minute.

Plank with Arm / Leg Lift

Get in the same position as you did when doing the simple high plank.

Take your hand and hold it out as far as you can while raising one leg straight up behind you.

Hold this position for at least 30 seconds.

Increase the duration as you get better at this exercise to replace belly fat with abs.

Side Plank

This variation of the plank involves turning sideways while balancing your whole body on one hand and your feet that are sideways and stacked on top of another.

Your other hand will be raised to the top of your head to keep holding that position.

Once you’re past the 30 second-mark, do the same but this time, turn the other side.

Plank Jacks

Plank Jacks are like regular jumping jacks, except you’re doing them in a plank position.

The principle remains the same, once you’re down in a plank position, stretch your feet outwards.

Take your feet apart and stretch your legs only to bring them back together again.

Keep doing this at least 30 times and take a break. At least 3 sets of 30 plank jack reps should be incorporated into your workout.

Commando Plank

This variation requires you to keep switching between a push plank position and the standard plank position.

You start with the latter and continue the switch for at least 30 seconds. Proceed to do 3 sets on a daily basis.



When it comes to belly fat exercises, crunches take the number one spot.

While studies show that spot reduction doesn’t work, it still proves to be an exercise for belly fat that people find themselves to be motivated enough to do.

A lot of variations to crunches exist that are deemed effective side fat exercises as well. Among other areas, crunches mostly work your core, strengthening it and giving you a shredded look.

Basic Crunch

To do a simple crunch, get down on the floor and keep your knees tucked with your feet on the floor.

Without moving your pelvis from the floor, stabilize your core and lift your head to your torso. Go back down slowly and start over.

Crunches are among the ultimate belly fat workouts you can try to burn belly fat.

Bicycle Crunch

This variation of a crunch has proved much more effective in burning more calories.

This belly fat exercise for home workouts can be done anywhere also tones your muscles and gives you a shredded stomach.

All you have to do is lay down flat on the floor and have your hands behind your head like you would in a crunch.

Once you do, lift one leg up and have your alternate elbow meet your knee halfway, i.e. your left knee should get close and touch your right elbow.

Repeat the process and do more reps as you develop your regimen. Mix them in between other workouts to maximize efficiency.

Reverse Crunch

Get down on the floor face up, have your hands flat down on your sides lift your knees up at a 90-degree angle.

Tuck your knees close to your chest, you can move your pelvis up without changing the angle of your knees to your hips.

The legs should remain tucked and straightened out from the front.

Vertical Leg Crunch

Lie down on the floor. Keep your legs straightened out and lifted upright.

Again, you need a 90-degree angle but this time, your pelvis should remain fixed on the floor.

Have your arm stretched out with your hands aiming to touch your feet. Your knees will not bend in this exercise.

Since it doesn’t require anything other than a mat, you can do this belly fat workout anywhere you want.



Every muscle and strength training regimen will comprise of a few, if not many types of push-ups.

Push-ups are effective exercises that can be done in any enclosed 7 feet of space.

Used in warm-ups as well as intense training exercises, push-ups make for incredible chest, arms and core workouts.

All the best training routines involve push-ups like the following:

Strict Military Push-up

In a standard push-up position, have your feet either closed or as far as 12 inches from each other. No more.

Have your hands placed right below your shoulders and keep your arms straight. As you go down for the push-up, remember to breathe.

Come a little further down your bent elbow and then slowly breathe out as you push yourself back up.

Wide Hands Push-up

As described above, this variation of the strict push-up will require you to keep your hands far apart from each other.

Compared to standard push-ups, this strict wide-angled do-it anywhere belly fat exercise for abs is very influential.

Super (Hindu) Push-up

Get in a pike push-up position. That means having your hips upward with your hands and feet forming an arc.

Now swoop into a downward dog while keeping your arms straight.

As your head comes close to your hands, without rising, move your head forward and slide your head, chest and ribs through your hands.

As soon as your hands and ribs come together, turn your movement up in the shape of an arc with your head slowly making its way to the top.

Everyone knows yoga is amazing for belly fat and you can do it anywhere.

However, to work on your abs, you need to combine this yoga pose with a push-up movement.

Staggered Hands Push-up

Staggered hands mean your hands are 6-12 inches apart from each other.

While your right hand is forward, your left should be behind it on its left.

Since the distance between your hands increases the difficulty of this workout, you should start with 6.

This push-up variation doesn’t require you to go all the way down.

In fact, you go just a few inches further down compared to your elbow and then push yourself back up.

Once you complete one side, change the position of the hands and work the other side.

Spiderman (Side Kick) Push-up

When you’re at the lowest point of your push-up, get your knee to come up and meet with your elbow on its side.

Your left knee should touch your left elbow at the lowest point of the push-up.

Take the knee back as it came, and then come back up.

Repeat the same process with sides. You can do it anywhere to work on your belly fat and replace it with abs.

Cross-Body Push-up

The cross-body push-up variant involves getting down towards the ground and lifting your leg to move it across your body.

The tricky part is that the crossing leg should extend out as much as it can.

Whereas, your face and chest still can’t touch the ground. Your hips should move toward the ground as your leg comes across and extends out.



Lastly, and perhaps one of the most effective scalable workouts for weight loss you can come across are burpees.

Equipment-free exercises don’t get any better than burpees.

We call them scalable because like the exercises above, they can scale with your level of strength and endurance.

You can start engaging in some tough variations of burpees if you find normal ones not up to your regimen needs.

How do you do a burpee? Stand with your feet together and fall down to a plank position only to get back up again. Simple, isn’t it?

Now that you know what a burpee is, here’s a couple of variations that will add some fun:

Push-up Burpee

A push-up burpee involves getting down from the standing position to a plank position, doing a push-up and getting back up again.

You can rely on this do it anywhere belly fat exercises to work out your core and chest muscles while strengthening your shoulder muscles as well.

Star Jump Burpee

A star jump burpee will involve putting more force in your legs to jump higher.

Your normal burpee will end with a jump in which you’ll touch your feet with your hands midair.

Making a star shape in the air, land back on your feet, get down to do another burpee, and repeat the jump.

Superman Burpee

To do a superman burpee, get down on your stomach and raise your legs, arms and face in the air for a moment.

Get up and jump in the air with your arms raised as high as possible. Come back down and repeat the process.

Side Burpee

A simple burpee involves you shooting both your legs straight behind you when you get down.

For side burpees, you throw your legs to the left and the right side alternatively before performing the final jump.

Mountain Climber Tuck Jump Burpee

Perhaps one of the most effective exercises on the list, mountain climber tuck jump burpees is a combination of 3 different exercises.

Start with a burpee and do mountain climbers. Explode into a tuck jump and come back down for a burpee again.

Mountain climbers involve getting down on the floor and raising your back up while resting your arms straight on the ground to imitate a climbing pose.

After that, you start bringing your knees to your chest and back, alternatively bringing up the left and the right sides.

A tuck jump is a simple jump that requires you to jump in the air to attain a squat position and bring your knees as close to your chest as possible while bringing them back before landing as well.

Dive Bomber Burpee

Dive bomber burpees are incredibly effective for major parts of your body.

With a major focus on your core, chest and shoulders, dive bomber burpees also strengthen your muscles while inducing elasticity and flexibility.

When you get down on the ground and shoot your legs behind for the burpee, shift your hips as back upwards as you can to form an arc.

This is where you do the Super (Hindu) Push-up and like a snake, push yourself through your hands and slide upwards as soon as your head crosses your hands.

Come back again in the same manner until you’re bent with your hips pushed back upwards again.

Explode into a jump and repeat the process when you land.

Final Word

This concludes the list of great core workouts you can do everywhere.

It’s better to mix these exercises to burn belly fat with other work out all your muscles and gain strength equally all around the body.

While these are some of the bests do it anywhere exercises that help get abs while burning belly fat, check out more here.