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Hi friends! How’s the day going? It’s rainy and lovely here, so we’re enjoying a slow morning before meeting up with friends.

As we finish out the year, it’s always fun and insightful to back and see which posts and pages performed the best. It gives me some insight into the types of posts you like to see here on the blog, and also how people find me! I use this as inspiration to create content throughout the year, along with your incredible survey suggestions and feedback. 100% of the time, it also encourages me to keep being my random all-over-the-place self. 😉

Top Posts and Pages of 2021 1

Top Posts and Pages of 2021

1. How to set up your Peloton bike, or any spin bike

I’m proud of this post and was pumped to see it top the list. Peloton does a lot of things really well, but I think they drop the ball when it comes to bike setup, especially for newbie riders. The how-to video is insanely short and misses a bunch of important pieces and tips, so I created my own. I think it would be advantageous if they did a free virtual set-up call with a specialist and it would help so many riders have a safer and more enjoyable ride.

2. How to keep your guinea pig cage clean

This is the most random post ever for a fitness blog, but v. important. 😉 When we first got our guinea pigs, I was determined that our house could not smell like hay or a barn. I did hours of research on guinea pig care and cage cleaning, and finally figured out a good method. If your kids are begging for guinea pigs, definitely check out this post along with this post on guinea pig care.

3. PiYo review month 1

This post always tops the list because people are searching for PiYo reviews, but it’s not my best work. The photos aren’t great and it could use an update, but since it consistently performs well, I’m not touching it.

Top Posts and Pages of 2021 2

4. We painted our kitchen cabinets Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee

This was a huge project but I’m SO glad we did it! It made such a noticeable difference in our kitchen and we saved at least a thousand dollars by doing it ourselves.

5. How to combine Peloton with other workouts

When you get a Peloton bike, it can be tricky to shuffle in these workouts with your current routine. I break it all down in this post and explain how to create a balanced plan while still enjoying your Peloton.

6. How to PR on your Peloton bike

Another Peloton post! In this one, I break down all of the ways you can hit a new personal record (PR) without cheating aka recalibrating your bike. (<— yes, people do this.)

Top Posts and Pages of 2021 3

7. DIY shower steamers with essential oils

This is an older post, but I love this recipe! It also makes a unique and beautiful homemade gift ideas. This post reminded me to get back into beauty DIY posts because I love creating them. 🙂

8. How to make tempeh taste good

Tempeh can be so delicious, but also super nasty. (Never ever put it in the slow cooker. I learned this the hard way!) In this post, I share some of my favorite methods to make amaaaaazing tempeh.

9. Morning Detox Drink

This morning detox drink combines lemon, apple cider vinegar, cayenne, and honey. It’s warming, delicious, and provides a nice immune system and metabolism boost. I haven’t had it regularly lately, but now that the weather is getting chilly, I definitely want to start drinking it again.

10. Top 5 easy healthy meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

These meals are all still in our current rotation! I love quick and simple meal recipes, and these are some of our family favorites.

11. Potty training tips from two nanas

A recap from that one time my mom and nana potty trained Liv in 24 hours. While some parts of parenting have been incredible challenging (hi, reflux and postpartum depression), I got it easy on the potty training front. Mom and Nani potty trained Liv, and P potty trained herself when she was 18 months old. (She yelled, “NO MORE DIAPERS” so I was like, “Ok, make sure you tell me when you need to go potty.” And she did. The end.) Miracles do happen, I tell ya.

12. DIY grazing boxes

This is a great party appetizing or gift idea! Instead of making a large charcuterie board, you can separate them into pastry boxes or cups for individual servings.

Top Posts and Pages of 2021 4

13. How to train for a half marathon while strength training

When you train for a half marathon, it’s easy to let strength training fall by the wayside. BUT, it can significantly help with performance, injury prevention, and recovery. In this post, I share some ideas for strength training while you’re building up your mileage and speed, plus a plan you can follow. My good friend Lindsay has used this plan for all of her recent half marathons and has CRUSHED her goals (sub 2-hour!).

Top Posts and Pages of 2021 5

14. I got my breast implants removed – my experience with explant surgery

Getting my breast implants removed was one of the best things I’ve done for my heal. They constantly burned, ached, and caused increased inflammation in my body. It was a big surgery, but I’d do it again tomorrow. I’m still getting used to my smaller boobs, years later, but I feel a heaviness lifted off of me. They don’t hurt at all anymore and I’m so thankful I took this step for my health.

15. Peloton workout plan without the bike

This is a plan you can follow using workouts from the app, even if you don’t have a bike! While the bike classes as my favorite, I also love the yoga workouts, meditations, and outdoor running and walking workouts.

16. Best classes from the Peloton app

In this post, I share my top classes from the Peloton app! I definitely think I could update this post since they’ve added so many new classes and offerings.

17. Pure Barre vs. barre3 — which one is better?

As a barre fanatic, I’m sharing my thoughts on these two popular barre formats and which one I like the most.

18. Fitness Categories

So so happy ya’ll are still using the workouts in the fitness categories! I have hundreds of workouts posted, from HIIT to strength, yoga, barre, and stretch, and have plans to post much more in 2022.

19. How much cardio is too much?

Breaking down how much cardio you should be doing for your goals. (It might be less than you think!)

20. Homemade nibble bars

These little nibble bars are the perfect toddler snack! They’re a little sweet without being too overwhelming and can be frozen in individual servings to enjoy throughout the week.

So, tell me, friends: any posts you loved from 2021? Anything you’d like to see here on the blog in 2022??



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