Top Reasons For Not Losing Weight



Top Reasons For Not Losing Weight;

Know Yours.

  • Are you also like some of us who think that they are doing every possible effort yet not losing weight?

  • Have you ever thought of the reasons for not being able to lose weight despite all efforts?

If the answer to both of these questions is a NO, then today’s post is going to be a perfect read for you. Let us know, the top reasons why you are not losing weight.

There could be a lot of reasons for not losing that weight even after making all efforts. I am pointing out a few of them here from my experience and by observing people around me. Let me start with my example.

Reasons For Not Losing Weight

1. Have you joined a gym, still not able to lose kilos!

Have you ever gone through this situation? A few years back, I always said to my friends – “I have joined a gym but still not losing weight”. My roommate once shot back at me and said ” But how many days do you go to the gym ?”. Problem solved :P. Joining a gym does no good, going to the gym, and exercising does!

2. Are you going to the gym regularly, still not losing weight!

One of my friends said that she goes to the gym regularly, still, she is not losing weight. I knew that she eats in control then what’s wrong with her? I asked her what does she eat at dinner time. She said that she does not like lunch at the office, so she eats a full-fledged dinner. I asked her if Dinner is her biggest meal and she said “Yes”. Bingo!

If you eat a minimum during the day when your body needs energy and eat maximum when you are about to sleep in a few hours, you are doing exactly the opposite of what your body needs.

Do not forget the age-old principle of eating right …

Reasons For Not Losing Weight

3. Going to the gym, eating right, yet not losing weight!

Well, this scenario can have multiple answers. Let me give you 2 very common reasons.

  • Being anemic…

If you are anemic, you are not going to shed weight at all, despite eating healthy and working out. Observe people around you and you will get your reply. It is a well-known fact that if your hemoglobin is low, this means that your body’s ability to carry oxygen for burning food becomes low.

Low hemoglobin -> Less oxygen carried -> Less energy released

Low hemoglobin destroys your stamina and you feel tired all the time. I know this because I have been struggling with anemia for so many years

  • Gastric problems-

reasons for not losing weight

If you have gastric issues related to constipation or an upset stomach, you are not going to shed weight at all, despite eating healthy and working out.

Gastric issues, constipation, and upset stomach are the problems directly associated with our digestion system. Our digestion governs our weight. Please don’t take this problem lightly.

These are the basic reasons which you might not have ever thought of in relation to your failure to lose weight. There are many other reasons also like the portions, proportions of nutritional elements in your food, etc.

I will keep sharing more Reasons For Not Losing Weight in upcoming posts.

Till then, Eat healthily and Work Out!

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